Q38.The research on growing cells from a —— helped him to won the first prize at the international fair.

(1) Monarch’s wing
(2) Frog’s body
(3) Monarch’s body
(4) Pupa


Answer: Monarch’s wing.

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Q39.Ebright also identified the chemical structure of –

(1) Chlorine
(2) Calcium
(3) Hormone
(4) Clorofluro Carbon


Answer: Hormone.

Q40.According to Ebright —— is the blue print of life.

(1) DNA
(2) Nucleus
(3) RNA
(4) Cytoplasm


Answer: DNA.

After doing experiment on the theory that viceroy butterflies copy monarchs, Ebright won the —– division in the zoology department and —— position in the overall science fair.
Ebright also identified the chemical structure of –

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