Q25. What happened at the Constitutional Convention? Choose one

(1) The Declaration of Independence was written.
(2) The Emancipation Proclamation was written.
(3) The Constitution was written.
(4) The Virginia Declaration of Rights was written.


Correct Answer: The Constitution was written.

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Q26. What does the Presidents Cabinet do?

(1) Advises the president
(2) Selects the Vice President
(3) Runs the government when the President travels
(4) Negotiates treaties with foreign nations


Correct Answer: Advises the President

Q27. What does the judicial branch do? Choose one

(1) Decides if a law goes against the Constitution.
(2) Reviews laws.
(3) Resolves disputes.
(4) All of the above.


Correct Answer: All of the above.

What is one right or freedom granted by the First Amendment? Choose one
What does the Presidents Cabinet do?

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