Attila Question Answers | DAV Class 6 English Chapter 10 Solutions

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Attila DAV Class 6 English Chapter 10 Questions & Answers

Understanding the Story

1. Why did the family buy Attila?

Answer: The family bought Attila to guard their house because series of house breaking and theft were being taking place in the neighborhood.

2. What was Attila’s attitude towards strangers?

Answer: A variety of people entered the gates of the house but all of them were warmly received by Attila.

3. What was Attila’s reaction when he saw Ranga stealing the valuables? How far was it in accordance with Ranga’s expectations?

Answer: When Attila saw Ranga stealing the valuables he waited for a moment and then licked Ranga’s hands and rolled his eyes. Ranga expected the dog to bark, but he didn’t bark at all.

4. Why was Ranga fed up with Attila?

Answer: Ranga fade up with Attila because Attila would not leave him alone even a moment. This short of companionship got on Ranga’s nerves.

5. How did the family members react to Attila’s disappearance?

Answer: Attila’s disappearance created a sensation. The family members felt ashamed of themselves as their dog had gone away with some burglar.

6. Why did Attila run after Ranga? What did others conclude from his chase?

Answer: Attila run after Ranga because he knew that Ranga wanted to desert him. From his chase others conclude that he is very cunning detective and too deep for words.


Is Attila really a hero? Give reasons for your answer.

Ans. No Attila is not a hero. He was quite friendly with all the strangers. When Ranga came to the house in order to steal the valuables, the dog did not bark at all. Attila liked Ranga and started licking his hands. He ran with Ranga because he had the ambition to roam in the streets freely.

When the young boy shouted at Attila, the thief started running scared of him. Attila did not want to lose his friend Ranga so he ran faster and accidentally blocked his way. The thief fell and was caught by the young boy.

Everyone thought that the thief was caught because of the dog’s bravery but the truth was that he liked the thief and did not want to lose his company.

B. All said and done, Attila was a bad watchdog. Do you agree?

Ans. Attila was a bad watchdog because he did not do things expected from him. A dog’s duty is to keep a watch on the house and prevent strangers from stealing or entering without permission.

Attila maintained a friendly bond with everyone including the postman, the bill vendors, etc. He never barked at anyone, never stopped people from stealing the flowers from the garden and never made any noise.

The family members felt what’s his use if he can not do anything a normal dog does.

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