B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering

List of Subjects in B.Tech Aerospace Engineering Course

Sem. I

[PDF] Made Easy Handwritten Notes – ME (GATE/IES)

[PDF] ACE Academy Handwritten Notes – ME (GATE/IES)

Subjects of Study

English for Science and Technology

Mathematics I

Physics I


Section A (Engineering Materials)

Section B

Engineering Graphics

Environmental Studies

Workshop Practice I

Chemistry Practical

Physics Practical I

Sem. II

Mathematics II

Physics II

Section A (Programming Languages)

Section B Introduction to Information Tech

Electrical Technology

Electronics and Instrumentation

Engineering Mechanics

Value Education, HR Environment

Physics Practical II

Electrical Technology Practical

Engineering Mechanics Practical

Workshop Practice II

Electronics & Instrumentation Practical

Sem. III

Mechanics of Solids

Applied Thermodynamics

Theory of Machines

Machine Drawing and Computer Graphics

Mathematics III

Mechanics of Solids Practical

Applied Thermodynamics Practical

Theory of Machines Practical

Sem. IV

Fluid Mechanics

Dynamics of Machinery

Mechanical Engineering Design

Electrical Machines and Control

Numerical and Statistical Methods

Fluid Mechanics Practical

Dynamics of Machinery Practical

Numerical and Statistical Methods Practical

Sem. V

Fluid Machines

Heat and Mass Transfer

Production Technology I

Advanced Mechanical Engineering Design

Industrial Engineering and management

Fluid Machines Practical

Heat and Mass Transfer Practical

Workshop Practice III

Sem. VI

Internal Combustion Engines

Mechanical Vibration

Production Technology II

Computer-Aided Design

Advanced Solid Mechanics

Internal Combustion Engines Practical

Mechanical Vibration Practical

Workshop Practice IV

Sem. VII

Measurement and Instrumentation

Energy Conversion Equipment

Operations Research

Industrial Tri-bology (Electives-Any Two)


Waste Heat Utilization

Noise Engineering

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Utilization of Non-Conventional Energy

Fracture Mechanics

Advanced Manufacturing Systems

Measurements and Instrumentation Practical

Energy Conversion Equipment Practical


Advance Fluid Mechanics

Computer-Aided Manufacturing

Automobile Engineering

Mechanical Handling Equipment (Electives-Any Two)

Finite Element Analysis


Maintenance Engineering

Composite Materials

Automation and Robotics

Power Plant Engineering

Hydraulic and Pneumatic System

Environmental Engineering