Nelson Mandela Long Walk to Freedom Class 10 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 2

All important MCQs are provided for the chapter Nelson Mandela Long Walk to Freedom for class 10.Students are requested to practice all MCQ which will be helpful in their exam preparation. MCQs provided are as per the latest pattern announced by CBSE.

Q. Who wrote the autobiography of long walk to freedom?

  1. Mongke
  2. Saint Augustine
  3. Nelson Mandela
  4. Hulegu

Answer: Nelson Mandela

Q. What brutal practice was very popular in south africa in those days?

  1. Apartheid
  2. Colonialism
  3. Racism
  4. Oppression

Answer: Apartheid

Q. Who was deprived of their basic rights in apartheid?

  1. Dark-Skinned
  2. Light-Skinned
  3. Brown-Skinned
  4. Fair-Skinned

Answer: Dark-Skinned

Q. What race were black-skinned people exploited by?

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Yellow
  4. Red

Answer: White

How does Nelson Mandela define the meaning of courage?

  1. Triumph over Fear
  2. Triumph Over love
  3. Triumph Over Selfish
  4. Triumph Over Poverty

Answer: Triumph over Fear

Q. What did apartheid refer to?

Answer: Discrimination between people on the basis of their race and colour

Q. What was the result of nelson mandela taking the oath as the first black president of south africa?

Answer: Becoming a new-born democratic country

Q. What was the old anthem of the republic?

Answer: Die stem

Q. Why did mandela believe that the oppressor must be liberated like the oppressed?

Answer: A person who snatches anothers freedom is also a prisoner of similar oppression

Q. Who attended the ceremonies in the campus of the union building of pretoria?

Answer: Dignitaries and leaders of many nations

Q. How many obligations does mandela say every man has?

  1. One
  2. Three
  3. Two
  4. Four


Q. What is mandela’s second obligation?

Answer: His people, his community and his country

Q. What are mandela’s first two obligations?

Answer: His family, parents, wife and children

Q- What does depths of oppression create?

A) oppressed
B) heights of character
C) poverty
D) lack of freedom

Answer:heights of character

Q. How many countries attended the inauguration of nelson mandela?

Answer: More than 140

Q. How many south african men, women and children sang and danced with joy?

Answer: 100,000

Q23- Who, according to Mandela is not free?

A) oppressor
B) oprressed
C) both 1 and 2
D) none of the above

Answer: C) both 1 and 2

Where did the inauguration ceremony took place ?

  1. Gauteng
  2. Durban
  3. Johannesburg
  4. Pretoria


Q. Who was the first person to take oath as second deputy president?

  1. Mr De Klerk
  2. Thabo Mbeki
  3. De Klerk
  4. Nelson Mandela

Mr De Klerk

Q. Who was the first deputy president of south africa?Rate Question

  1. Nelson Mandela
  2. Mr Thabo Mbeki
  3. Thabo Mbeki
  4. De Klerk

Mr Thabo Mbeki

Read the following statements carefully:
Statement I: As a kid, mandela had different meaning for being free as he wanted to run in the fields and wanted to stay out at night.
Statement II: As he grew older, he wanted the freedom of livelihood for himself and his family.
Statement III: But soon he realised that such freedom was only an illusion.
Which of the above Statement(s) is/are correct:Rate Question

  1. I and III.
  2. II and III only.
  3. II only
  4. All Statements are Correct.

All Statements are Correct.

Q. What group did mandela join?

Answer: African national congress

Q. What is not the token of your goodness or superiority?

Answer: Being white or black

Q. What do people need to do that comes without force as it is natural?

Answer: Love one another

Q. When was nelson mandela sworn in as the first black president of south africa?

Answer: May 10, 1994

Q. Read the following statements carefully:
Statement I: South africa has established a democratic system and has established a non-discriminatory government.
Statement II: Mandela also regretted the deaths of those who had fallen victims to fighting against apartheid.
Statement III: Mandela was of the view that no one is born hating another man, and all individuals can be taught to love and respect each other.
Which of the above Statement(s) is/are correct:

  1. I and III.
  2. II and III only.
  3. II only
  4. All Statements are Correct.

All Statements are Correct.