Statistics MCQs on Sampling and Sampling Distributions

Q1: Non Sampling error is reduced bya) Increasing Sample Sizeb) Decreasing Sample Sizec) Reducing Amount of Datad) None of these Q2: Any numerical value calculated from sample data is calleda) Errorb) Statisticc) Biasd) Meane) Standard Deviation Q3: Sample is subset ofa) Datab) Groupc) Populationd) Itselfe) Distribution Q4: Non Probability form of sampling isa) Random Samplingb) … Read more

PC- 2 Logical, Analytical and Quantitative Abilities (all branches) Syllabus

PC 2 :Logical, Analytical and Quantitative Abilities (All branches) Duration 2 hours, Maximum Marks: 100(A) DATA INTERPRETATION—————————————————————————————(70 Marks)i. Data Tablesii. Pie Chartsiii. 2 Dimensional Graphsiv. Bar Chartsv. Venn Diagramvi. Geometrical Diagramvii. Pert Charts(B) DATA SUFFICIENCY(C) REASONINGi. Deductionii. Logical connectives.iii. Selectionsiv. Distributionv. Circular arrangement(D) QUANTITATIVE ABILITYi. Probability and chanceii. Simple Equationiii. Ratio-Proportion-Variationiv. Percentagesv. Profit & Lossvi. … Read more