The Best Christmas Present in the World | Class 8 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 1

NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 8 English Honeydew Prose with Answers PDF Free Download based on the major ideas and themes presented in the textbook as per the CBSE new test pattern are available here. This will help you learn and test your understanding of the chapters. Students can also take a free test of Class 8 English Multiple Choice Questions. Each question has four possibilities, each of which is followed by the correct response. These MCQ Questions were chosen in accordance with the most recent CBSE exam format.

Q1.The narrator bought the desk from a junk shop because

(1) such a desk was not available anywhere else
(2) the author wanted an ancient roll-top desk
(3) its roll-top was in several pieces
(4) the narrator could not afford a new roll-top desk


Answer: the narrator could not afford a new roll-top desk

Q2.January 25, 1915 was the date on which

(1) the narrator pulled out the drawers
(2) Jim’s letter came to Connie
(3) Jim wrote the letter
(4) Jim met Hans Wolf


Answer: Jim’s letter came to Connie

Q3.According to Jim, a Christmas morning should be

(1) cold and frosty
(2) warm and comfortable
(3) beautiful with the sun-shining
(4) rainy


Answer: cold and frosty

Q4.But the truth, I am ashamed to say, is that Fritz began it. In the above sentence Fritz refers to

(1) the German soldier
(2) the German commander in the story
(3) the British soldier
(4) the British commander in the story


Answer: the German soldier

Q5.The Christmas celebrations were initiated by

(1) the British
(2) the Germans
(3) both of the above
(4) chance


Answer: the Germans

Q6.Jims first reaction to the Happy Christmas by the Germans was one of

(1) suspicion
(2) surprise
(3) anger
(4) disgust


Answer: surprise

Q7.Schnapps is

(1) a kind of meat
(2) a German wine
(3) a sauce
(4) a British dish


Answer: a German wine

Q8.Sausage is

(1) a wine
(2) slice of meat and bread
(3) a sauce
(4) a British dish


Answer: slice of meat and bread

Q9.What was the speakers reaction when he realizes

(1) He was ashamed.
(2) He gets very angry
(3) He was embarrassed
(4) He began to cry


Answer: He was ashamed.

Q10.Why did she become happy?

(1) Because it was Christmas
(2) At the sight of the visitor
(3) Because the matron had served apple pie
(4) On seeing the decoration and the Christmas tree


Answer: At the sight of the visitor

Q11.Who did she think had come?

(1) Jim
(2) Hans Wolf
(3) Her father
(4) Her brother


Answer: Jim

Q12.On which date does Connie receive Jims letter?

(1) 4th July, 1776
(2) 16th December, 1914
(3) 6th August, 1945
(4) 30th January, 1948


Answer: 16th December, 1914

Q13.What is the best Christmas present in the world?

(1) Jim’s letter
(2) Jim’s return
(3) Jim’s present
(4) Jim’s picture


Answer: Jim’s return

Q14.By which Christmas did Jim promise to be back home?



Answer: 1915

Q15.Does Connies wait for her husband come to an end?

(1) yes
(2) may be
(3) not sure
(4) None of these


Answer: yes

Q16.For whom the pronoun you is used?

(1) The author
(2) Jim’s wife
(3) Jim’s friend
(4) Jim’s enemy


Answer: Jim’s wife

Q17.The narrator found a shallow space below a secret drawer when he

(1) pulled out the first drawer
(2) began to mend the desk
(3) pulled out the last drawer
(4) had finished working


Answer: pulled out the last drawer

Q18.What happened in no mans land?

(1) Both the armies fought there
(2) Both armies wished Happy New Year to each other
(3) Both armies wished Christmas to each other
(4) None of these


Answer: Both armies wished Christmas to each other

Q19.I began work on it on Christmas Eve. In the above sentence it stands for

(1) a junk shop
(2) the garage
(3) the roll-top desk
(4) the drawers


Answer: the roll-top desk

Q20.What does Tommy refer to?

(1) Germans
(2) Britishers
(3) Shepherds
(4) Indians


Answer: Britishers

Q21.The it in the first sentence refers to

(1) a country
(2) a chair
(3) a desk
(4) a letter.


Answer: a desk

Q22.For whom I is used here?

(1) Jim Macpherson
(2) Connie
(3) Hans Wolf
(4) The author


Answer: Jim Macpherson

Q23.The temptation to buy it was

(1) a risk
(2) a challenge
(3) the quality
(4) the cheap price.


Answer: the cheap price.

Q24.Who is I here?

(1) The author
(2) The author’s brother
(3) The author’s friend
(4) The author’s mother


Answer: The author

Q25.Same to you here means

(1) Happy Christmas
(2) good feelings
(3) we are same
(4) we are fine


Answer: Happy Christmas

Q26.Who wrote this letter?

(1) Jim’s wife
(2) Jim’s girl friend
(3) Jim’s friend
(4) Jim’s mother


Answer: Jim’s wife

Q27.The phrase our boys refers to

(1) the students
(2) German soldiers
(3) some British soldiers
(4) the author’s sons


Answer: some British soldiers

Q28.Why did the author not buy the rolltop desk from the junk shop?

(1) He did not like it
(2) It was very expensive
(3) It was not beautiful
(4) None of these


Answer: It was very expensive

Q29.Carols are sung on

(1) Christmas
(2) Good Friday
(3) Holi
(4) Diwali.


Answer: Christmas

Q30.The speaker of the above passage is

(1) the author
(2) the narrator
(3) Jim
(4) Hans Wolf.


Answer: Hans Wolf.

Q31.Which word in the passage means spotted.

(1) saw
(2) wrote
(3) noted
(4) having a spot


Answer: saw

Q32.The lady being talked to, is

(1) Connie
(2) the matron
(3) Hans Wolf’s wife
(4) none of the above three.


Answer: Connie

Q33.Name the lesson.

(1) A Short Monsoon Diaiy
(2) The Best Christmas Present in the World
(3) A Visit to Cambridge
(4) The Summit Within


Answer: The Best Christmas Present in the World

Q34.The lady was not listening because

(1) she was sick
(2) she was deaf
(3) she was too happy
(4) she had recognised the speaker


Answer: The Best Christmas Present in the World

Q35.What did a man bring on that day?

(1) A volleyball
(2) A ball
(3) A football
(4) None of these


Answer: A football

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