The Invention of Vita Wonk | Class 7 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 7

NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 7 English The Invention of Vita Wonk with Answers PDF Free Download based on the major ideas and themes presented in the textbook as per the CBSE new test pattern are available here. This will help you learn and test your understanding of the chapters. Students can also take a free test of Class 7 English Multiple Choice Questions. Each question has four possibilities, each of which is followed by the correct response. These MCQ Questions were chosen in accordance with the most recent CBSE exam format.

Q1.VitaWonk makes people grow

(1) older
(2) paler
(3) brighter
(4) younger


Answer: older


(1) that man will disappear from earth become zero
(2) that after 87 years man will
(3) a man will arrive on earth after from earth totally 87 years
(4) that mari will disappear


Answer: a man will arrive on earth after from earth totally 87 years

Q3.The oldest living thing In the world is

(1) the Oak
(2) Douglas Fir
(3) the Cedar
(4) Bristlecone pine


Answer: Bristlecone pine

Q4.The oldest things that are mentioned are

(1) hypothetical
(2) factual
(3) realistic
(4) imaginary


Answer: imaginary

Q5.Mr Wonka collects Items from the oldest things to make

(1) a solution
(2) a mixture
(3) an experiment
(4) a drug


Answer: a drug

Q6.The drug will not work as

(1) It is poison
(2) no one wishes to grow old
(3) it Is dangerous for children
(4) It Is bitter


Answer: no one wishes to grow old

Q7.The lifeexpectancy of man is

(1) 80-100 years
(2) 50-80 years
(3) 80-90 years
(4) 60-90 years


Answer: 80-100 years

Q8.Mr Wonka took from Bristlecone pine.

(1) a pint of sap
(2) a pint of salt
(3) a pinch of salt
(4) a pinch of sap


Answer: a pint of sap

Q9.Mr Wonka got from Arabia

(1) 10 year old dog
(2) 51 year old horse
(3) Vita Wonk
(4) 100 year old dog


Answer: 51 year old horse

Q10.Mr Wonka got from Tibet

(1) 207 year old rat
(2) a medal
(3) a rare dog
(4) 500 year old flower


Answer: 207 year old rat

Q11.Find out one word from the above lines that is antonym of expanding

(1) shrinking
(2) Wrinkling
(3) Dropping
(4) falling


Answer: shrinking

Q12.Find out one word from the above lines that is antonym of smooth

(1) crease
(2) Uneven
(3) fold
(4) wrinkle


Answer: Uneven

Q13.What lives the longest of all given below?

(1) a dinosaur
(2) A tree
(3) a lizard
(4) a shark


Answer: A tree

Q14.The uniqueness of the Great Glass Elevator is that Mr. Wonk can

(1) see through
(2) travel the world
(3) disappear
(4) Protects from animals


Answer: travel the world

Q15.The Arabian horse are distinct because they

(1) lived for 2 years
(2) lived for 10 years
(3) lived for 25 years
(4) lived for 5 years


Answer: lived for 5 years

Q16.What is the new recipe he is searching for?

(1) Recipe for Vita-Wonk
(2) Recipe for Wonka-Vita
(3) none of these
(4) Recipe for Chocolates


Answer: Recipe for Vita-Wonk

Q17.What is the oldest of all options given below?

(1) oak
(2) cedar
(3) fir
(4) bristlecone pine


Answer: bristlecone pine

Q18.What lives longer than anything else?

(1) crumpets
(2) cattaloo
(3) trees
(4) petrovitch gregorovitch


Answer: trees

Q19.Which parts of the animals body did Mr. Wonka collect?

(1) tongue or sting
(2) toes and fingers
(3) an eye or an ear
(4) a hair or an eyebrow


Answer: tongue or sting

Q20.Which of the following animals has not been mentioned by Mr. Wonka?

(1) a blue whale
(2) Giant curlicue
(3) the stinging slug
(4) the bobolink


Answer: a blue whale

Q21.Willy Wonkas next challenge was

(1) Invention of Willy-Vite
(2) invention of Wonka-Vlte
(3) the invention of Vita-Vite
(4) the invention of Vita-Wonk


Answer: the invention of Vita-Wonk

Q22.Willy was not happy with

(1) Willy-Vite
(2) Wonka-Vite
(3) Vita-Vite
(4) Wonka-Vita


Answer: Wonka-Vite

Q23.The invention of VitaWonk

(1) made people old
(2) made people young
(3) made people live five hundred years
(4) made people disappear


Answer: made people old

Q24.Willy Wonka had to take

(1) old trees
(2) old and ancient animals
(3) only the essence of the Pine
(4) an important little bit of something from them


Answer: an important little bit of something from them

Q25.The trackdown process became speedier due to

(1) the Inventing Room
(2) Charlie
(3) Willy Wonka
(4) the Great Glass Elevator


Answer: the Great Glass Elevator

Q26.The wonder was possible only

(1) if all the important little bit was mixed
(2) if Charlie helped Willy
(3) if it was heated
(4) If all animals were very old


Answer: if all the important little bit was mixed

Q27.The extract is addressed to

(1) The cook
(2) Charlie
(3) The volunteer
(4) Willy


Answer: Charlie

Q28.VitaWonk was Invented –

(1) hurriedly
(2) easily
(3) not to help the people grow old
(4) after great labors


Answer: after great labors

Q29.Vita Wonk is

(1) not going to be successful
(2) a wonderful drug
(3) very expensive
(4) a rage amongest the people


Answer: a wonderful drug

Q30.What did he swallow?

(1) Some liquid
(2) Some food
(3) Vita-Wonk
(4) Some tablets


Answer: Vita-Wonk

Q31.As the answer of his question who suggested the name of tree?

(1) Wonka
(2) Charlie
(3) All Of the Above
(4) Wilson


Answer: Charlie.

Q32.Wonkavite, that Mr. Willy wonk invented, makes people?

(1) Younger
(2) Stronger
(3) All Of the Above
(4) Disappear


Answer: Younger.

Q33.What age did he turn to?

(1) Thirty years
(2) Eighty years
(3) Forty years
(4) Seventy five


Answer: Seventy five

Q34.Today Bristlecone pines are over?

(1) 200 years old
(2) 4000 years old
(3) All Of the Above
(4) 1000 years old


Answer: 4000 years old.

Q35.After applying the liquid the twentyyearold oompa loompa volunteer had suddenly become?

(1) An old fellow of seventy-five
(2) Very younger
(3) All Of the Above
(4) 70 years old fellow


Answer: An old fellow of seventy-five.

Q36.Who was Mr. Wonka?

(1) A librarian
(2) A professor
(3) A teacher
(4) A scientist


Answer: A scientist

Q37.The most old Tortoise belonging to?

(1) The king of Tonga
(2) Africa
(3) All Of the Above
(4) South America


Answer: The king of Tonga.

Q38.What was his age earlier?

(1) Twenty years
(2) Forty years
(3) Fifty years
(4) Three years


Answer: Twenty years

Q39.What idea came into Wonkas mind?

(1) What is more lovely?
(2) What is the oldest living thing?
(3) None of these
(4) What thing is the youngest living thing?


Answer: What is the oldest living thing?

Q40.He collects an old flea which had lived for 36 years on?

(1) Crumpets
(2) Wheeler peak
(3) All Of the Above
(4) Mount Popocatepetl


Answer: Crumpets.

Q41.Mr. Wonka, for testing the liquid use?

(1) Four drops
(2) Two drops
(3) All Of the Above
(4) Only one drop of it.


Answer: Four drops.

Q42.What was the full name of Mr. Wonka?

(1) Mr. Wonk Wonka
(2) Mr. Willy Wonka
(3) Mr. William Wonka
(4) Mr. V. Wonka


Answer: Mr. Willy Wonka

Q43.The ancient animals who can spit poison into our eyes from fifty yards away are?

(1) Cattaloo, giant rat, tortoise
(2) The whistle pig, the bobolink, the Polly frog
(3) All Of the Above
(4) Polly frog, old flea, old grimalkin


Answer: The whistle pig, the bobolink, the Polly frog.

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