Two stories about flying Class 10 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 3

All important MCQs are provided for the chapter Two stories about flying for class 10.Students are requested to practice all MCQ which will be helpful in their exam preparation. MCQs provided are as per the latest pattern announced by CBSE.

Q1.The story is about a young –

(1) Seagull
(2) Dove
(3) Peacock
(4) Crow


Answer: Seagull.

Q2.The young seagull had —— brothers and sister.



Answer: 3.

Q3.The young seagull was afraid of –

(1) Running
(2) Walking
(3) Sleeping alone
(4) Flying


Answer: Flying.

Q4.There was a great expanse of —— beneath the hill.

(1) Field
(2) Forest
(3) Sea
(4) Valley


Answer: Sea.

Q5.The young seagull had lack of –

(1) Morality
(2) Courage
(3) Enthusiasm
(4) Fear


Answer: Courage.

Q6.—— Day/days passed, but nobody had come near him to help.

(1) Four
(2) One
(3) Three
(4) Two


Answer: One.

Q7.The first fish catch by his order brother was –

(1) Jelly
(2) Star
(3) Butter cup
(4) Hearing


Answer: Hearing.

Q8.The ledge of the pleatue was facing the –

(1) East
(2) South
(3) West
(4) North


Answer: South.

Q9.The young seagull was feeling more heat because –

(1) He was afraid
(2) He was facing east
(3) It was a too sunny day
(4) He was hungry


Answer: He was hungry.

Q10.Only —— was looking at the young seagull.

(1) Mother
(2) Brothers
(3) Father
(4) Sister


Answer: Mother.

Q11.The father the seagull had —— coloured back.

(1) Yellow
(2) Black
(3) Brown
(4) White


Answer: White.

Q12.His mother was standing on another pleatue and eating ——.

(1) Fish
(2) Insect
(3) Herbs
(4) Fruits


Answer: Fish.

Q13.The young seagull got mad by the sight – of ——.

(1) Sunny sky
(2) Food
(3) His brothers and sister
(4) Vast sea


Answer: Food.

Q14.The young seagull cried —— to bring him some food.

(1) Ga Ga Ga
(2) Gew go ga
(3) Gaw colah
(4) Go ga ge


Answer: Ga Ga Ga.

Q15.Out of ——– the young seagull dived at the fish and started flying.

(1) Courage
(2) Fear
(3) Interest
(4) Hunger


Answer: Hunger.

Q16.The color of the sea was –

(1) Black
(2) Blue
(3) Red
(4) Green


Answer: Green.

Q17.Out of excitement his family members were offering him –

(1) Dog fish
(2) Star
(3) Herring fish
(4) Fruits


Answer: Dog fish.

Q18.Who is the author of His First Flight?

(1) Frederick Forsyth
(2) Liam O’ Flaherty
(3) Paulo Coehlo
(4) Roal Dahl


Answer: Liam O’ Flaherty

Q19.Who is the author of Black Aeroplane?

(1) Frederick Forsyth
(2) Liam O’ Flaherty
(3) Paulo Coehlo
(4) Roal Dahl


Answer: Frederick Forsyth

Q20.The lesson His First Flight is about a

(1) seagull
(2) pilot
(3) pigeon
(4) parrot


Answer: seagull

Q21.Why was he afraid to fly?

(1) he was afraid his wings will not support him
(2) he was a coward
(3) both 1 and 2
(4) he was afraid that everyone would judge him


Answer: he was afraid his wings will not support him

Q22.What did his parents threaten him with if he didnt flew away?

(1) to punish him
(2) to never talk to him
(3) to abandon him
(4) to starve him


Answer: to starve him

Q23.What were his parents teaching his brothers and sisters?

(1) to skim the waves
(2) to perfect the art of flying
(3) all of the above
(4) to dive for fish


Answer: all of the above

Q24.The sight of maddened him.

(1) his siblings enjoying without him
(2) his brothers flying
(3) all of the above
(4) food


Answer: food

Q25.What urged him to make his first flight?

(1) sight of fish
(2) hunger
(3) both 1 and 2
(4) courage


Answer: both 1 and 2

Q26.Why did his mother stop midway while giving him the fish?

(1) to push him to fly out of hunger
(2) she was mad at him
(3) she got tired
(4) she didn’t want to give him the fish


Answer: to push him to fly out of hunger

Q27.The title Black Aeroplane is based on?

(1) the pilot’s aeroplane
(2) the aeroplane that helped the pilot
(3) none of the above
(4) aeroplane in the stormy sky


Answer: the aeroplane that helped the pilot

Q28.The pilot was flying from to .

(1) England, India
(2) England, France
(3) France, India
(4) France, England


Answer: France, England

Q29.What was the pilot looking forward to?

(1) to meet his family
(2) to reach his destination
(3) both 2 and 3
(4) his holiday


Answer: both 2 and 3

Q30.Which control station did he contact on his way?

(1) India
(2) Paris
(3) he didn’t contact any
(4) England


Answer: Paris

Q31.They looked like black mountains standing in front of me across the sky. What looked like black mountains?

(1) Storm clouds
(2) Black mountains
(3) black plateau
(4) tall buildings


Answer: Storm clouds

Q32.What risk did the pilot take?

(1) missing the breakfast he desired
(2) flying back to Paris
(3) flying his old Dakota straight into the storm
(4) he took no risk


Answer: flying his old Dakota straight into the storm

Q33.What instruments had stopped working during the storm?

(1) radio
(2) compass
(3) None of them
(4) both of them


Answer: both of them

Q34.What was the pilot not sorry about?

(1) driving the plane into the storm
(2) missing his holiday
(3) both 2 and 3
(4) risking the lives of fellow passengers


Answer: both 2 and 3

Q35.What did the seagull pretend was happening to him so that he could take his first flight?

(1) he was falling down the cliff
(2) he was unconscious
(3) He lost his balance
(4) he was falling asleep


Answer: he was falling asleep

Q36.What food did the seagulls mother get for it?

(1) fish
(2) earthworms
(3) rodents
(4) insects


Answer: fish

Q37.How far was the narrator from Paris when he saw dark clouds in the sky?

(1) 100 km
(2) 200 km
(3) 150 km
(4) 50 km


Answer: 150 km

Q38.Which of the pilots intruments stopped working first?

(1) radio
(2) compass
(3) both were working
(4) both stopped together


Answer: compass

Q39.When the pilot of the black aeroplane asked the narrator to follow him, in which direction did he turn the aeroplane?

(1) north
(2) south
(3) west
(4) east


Answer: north

Q40.Why didnt the pilot turn the aeroplane back towards Paris?

(1) He wanted to go on a holiday
(2) He wanted to meet his family
(3) He did not like Paris
(4) He did not want to miss the breakfast


Answer: He did not want to miss the breakfast

Q41.What was the name of the aeroplane that the pilot was flying?

(1) Boeing
(2) Airbus
(3) Minesotta
(4) Dakota


Answer: Dakota

Q42.The pilot was not able to anything

(1) hear
(2) see
(3) all of them
(4) speak


Answer: see

Q43.Why was the aeroplane twisting in the air?

(1) As it was a stormy night
(2) As it was dark night
(3) None of the Above
(4) Due to lightning


Answer: As it was a stormy night

Q44.Why was the seagull exhausted?

(1) Due to strange exercise
(2) Due to running fast
(3) None of the Above
(4) Due to Crying


Answer: Due to strange exercise

Q45.Who give Young Seagull a piece of fish?

(1) Mother Seagull
(2) Brother Seagull
(3) None of the Above
(4) Father Seagull


Answer: Mother Seagull