A Gift of Chappals | Class 7 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 2

NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 7 English A Gift of Chappals with Answers PDF Free Download based on the major ideas and themes presented in the textbook as per the CBSE new test pattern are available here. This will help you learn and test your understanding of the chapters. Students can also take a free test of Class 7 English Multiple Choice Questions. Each question has four possibilities, each of which is followed by the correct response. These MCQ Questions were chosen in accordance with the most recent CBSE exam format.

Q1.Rukku Manni offered chappals that were

(1) new
(2) old and worn out
(3) small In size
(4) big in size


Answer: new

Q2.On seeing the chappals, the musicmaster

(1) grew angry
(2) was too happy
(3) sat down to wear them
(4) picked them to keep In his bag


Answer: was too happy

Q3.Ravis chappals were in question as

(1) he would have given his own chappals if they were a perfect fit chappals If they were a perfect fit
(2) he would not have given his
(3) his chappals did not fit the beggar’s feet begga?s feet
(4) his chappals fitted the


Answer: he would have given his own chappals if they were a perfect fit chappals If they were a perfect fit

Q4.Paati explained to Tapi that the beggar

(1) should beg from some other house
(2) was very notorious
(3) never listened to her
(4) should find some other person


Answer: should beg from some other house

Q5.The beggar raised his voice to

(1) beg for alms
(2) beg for money
(3) beg for rest
(4) beg for food and rest


Answer: beg for food and rest

Q6.Rukku Manni told Ravi to tell the beggar

(1) to take food
(2) not to come again
(3) to find food elsewhere
(4) to rest under the tree


Answer: not to come again

Q7.Identical people and we

(1) family members and the group family
(2) colony members and the
(3) environmentalists and children
(4) elders and children


Answer: elders and children

Q8.Meena shares with Mridu

(1) the secret about the cat In the Mani backyard
(2) the biryani cooked by Rukku
(3) the advice given by the beggar
(4) the chocolate Ravi brought


Answer: the secret about the cat In the Mani backyard

Q9.Ravi poured the milk for the kitten that he brought from

(1) the fridge
(2) the kitchen
(3) the dairy
(4) the market


Answer: the kitchen

Q10.Mridu told Rukku Manni all about the chappals because

(1) she was against Ravi
(2) she was a truthful girl
(3) she thought Rukku Manni won’t be so angry if she knew the truth
(4) she thought Rukku Mannl would punish her If she didn’t tell her the truth


Answer: she thought Rukku Manni won’t be so angry if she knew the truth

Q11.Rukku Manni gave some refreshments to Mridu because

(1) Mridu was her guest
(2) Mridu had spoken the truth
(3) she was Mridu’s mother
(4) Mrldu was hungry


Answer: Mridu was her guest

Q12.The chappals given to the music master

(1) displeased him
(2) pleased him
(3) were refused by him
(4) irritated him


Answer: pleased him

Q13.The chappals of music teacher were

(1) old
(2) brand new
(3) stolen
(4) colourful


Answer: colourful

Q14.Where did Ravi hide the kitten?

(1) behind a thick bitter berry bush
(2) backyard
(3) all of these
(4) torn football


Answer: all of these

Q15.Pati will for Paddu mamas house of she knows we have a

(1) be angry, cat
(2) be happy, dog
(3) leave, dog
(4) leave, cat


Answer: leave, cat

Q16. was the little kittys name

(1) Mridu
(2) Mahishasur
(3) Mahendran
(4) Mahapat


Answer: Mahendran

Q17.The cat was a descendant from

(1) Pallava dynasty
(2) Chola dynasty
(3) none of these
(4) Chalnkya dynasty


Answer: Pallava dynasty

Q18.The cats were worshipped in

(1) Mahabalipuram
(2) Poona
(3) Egypt
(4) India


Answer: Egypt

Q19.The sound that cones from Lallis violin was

(1) melodies
(2) screeching
(3) kreeching
(4) whizzing


Answer: kreeching

Q20.The beggar spread his upper cloth under the neem tree to

(1) bask in the sun
(2) sleep under the tree
(3) show his anger
(4) wait for the alms


Answer: bask in the sun

Q21.Who was famous for his generosity in Mahabharata?

(1) Krishna
(2) Arjun
(3) Bheem
(4) Kama


Answer: Kama

Q22.The grandmother took Mridu to

(1) Mannf s house
(2) Rukkus house
(3) Rukku Manm’ s house
(4) Music teacher


Answer: Rukku Manm’ s house

Q23.Who looked up, alarmed?

(1) Mridu
(2) Mahendran
(3) Gopu Mama
(4) Lalli


Answer: Mahendran

Q24.The pair of chappals was

(1) quite small
(2) torn
(3) both (a) and (c)
(4) covered with dust


Answer: covered with dust

Q25.What was Kreech…. coming from the window?

(1) Sound of violin
(2) Sound of kitten
(3) None of the above
(4) Sound of puppy


Answer: Sound of violin

Q26.The secret was not shared as

(1) the elders did not like any kitten
(2) Tapi will get angry
(3) both (a) and (b)
(4) Mrldu will tell the aunt


Answer: the elders did not like any kitten

Q27.Where did Mahendran run to hide itself?

(1) under the bed
(2) to the kitchen
(3) to the ground
(4) towards the tray of red chillies


Answer: towards the tray of red chillies

Q28.Ravi got milk for the kitten from

(1) the kitchen
(2) the market
(3) the fridge
(4) the cupboard


Answer: the kitchen

Q29.Give the meaning of startled.

(1) looked
(2) laughed
(3) frightened
(4) amazed


Answer: amazed

Q30.Ravi spoke high of M.P. Poonal

(1) to show off his knowledge
(2) to impress Mrldu
(3) both (a) and (b)
(4) as he was related to It


Answer: to impress Mrldu

Q31.Mridu didnt have much time to wonder about.

(1) slippers
(2) overcoat
(3) none of these
(4) books


Answer: slippers

Q32.A kreech1ng sound

(1) startled Mridu
(2) sent shivers to M.P. Poonal
(3) both (b) and (c)
(4) frightened Mahendran


Answer: both and

Q33.What was behind the thick berry bush?

(1) A coin
(2) A football
(3) A stone
(4) A pen


Answer: A football

Q35.What was inside the torn football?

(1) A puppy
(2) A kitten
(3) A stone
(4) A rat


Answer: A kitten

Q36.A sharp Vshaped line between Hukkii Mannis eyebrows suggested

(1) she was getting angry
(2) she was happy
(3) both (a) and (c)
(4) she was thinking hard


Answer: she was getting angry

Q37.From where was the kitten taking milk?

(1) From a glass
(2) From a bottle
(3) From a coconut half-shell
(4) From the bowl


Answer: From a coconut half-shell

Q38.The chappals were given to the beggar because

(1) they belonged to the music master
(2) these chappals were dirty
(3) Ravi was a naughty boy on the beggar
(4) the children had taken pity


Answer: the children had taken pity

Q39.Kitten is the young one of

(1) cat
(2) bear
(3) cock
(4) dog


Answer: cat

Q40.Name the lesson.

(1) A Gift of Chappals
(2) Three Questions
(3) Quality
(4) Expert Detectives


Answer: A Gift of Chappals

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