A Question of Trust | Class 10 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 4

All important MCQs are provided for the chapter A Question of Trust for class 10. Students are requested to practice all MCQ which will be helpful in their exam preparation. MCQs provided are as per the latest pattern announced by CBSE.

Q1.What does Horace do in jail?

(1) Assistant Librarian
(2) Clean floor
(3) Accountant
(4) Typist


Answer: Assistant Librarian

Q2.How does he justify his act?

(1) by saying he steals only from those who already have plenty
(2) by saying he steals for a good reason
(3) all of the above
(4) by saying he is not harming the society


Answer: all of the above

Q3.Sherry was the name of

(1) dog at Shotover Grange
(2) a servant
(3) the lady in red
(4) a safe in the Grange


Answer: dog at Shotover Grange

Q4.Where did Horace decide to make a theft this time?

(1) Shotover Grange
(2) Montex Grange
(3) Mintunbury Grange
(4) Westbury Grange


Answer: Shotover Grange

Q5.What did the lady say about his story?

(1) it was true
(2) it was nonsense
(3) none of the above
(4) it was a joke


Answer: it was nonsense

Q6.Where was the safe?

(1) kitchen
(2) bedroom
(3) drawing room
(4) bathroom


Answer: drawing room

Q7.Did anyone believe his story?

(1) no
(2) yes
(3) none of the above
(4) maybe


Answer: no

Q8.What was Horace allergic to?

(1) smell of flowers
(2) dust
(3) milk
(4) pollen


Answer: smell of flowers

Q9.Where did the family who lived in the Grange go?

(1) Las Vegas
(2) London
(3) none of the above
(4) Los Angeles


Answer: London

Q10.What makes him angry?

(1) prison
(2) talking about the woman
(3) none of the above
(4) talking about honour among thieves


Answer: talking about honour among thieves

Q11.What colour dress was the woman wearing?

(1) black
(2) red
(3) white
(4) green


Answer: red

Q12.How was Horace in his business of lock making?

(1) very successful
(2) failure
(3) was in a big debt
(4) not took interest


Answer: very successful

Q13.Who stole the jewels?

(1) Sherry
(2) Horace
(3) all of them
(4) the woman


Answer: the woman

Q14.How did Horace think that she was the owners wife?

(1) She knew the place well
(2) She was confident
(3) All of them
(4) Sheery rubbed against her


Answer: All of them

Q15.Where were the house keys kept?

(1) hung on a hook
(2) under the pot
(3) in the letter box
(4) under the doormat


Answer: hung on a hook

Q16.Sherry is a .

(1) child
(2) woman
(3) cat
(4) dog


Answer: dog

Q17.What happened on the third morning?

(1) he ran away
(2) he prepared a new plan
(3) none of the above
(4) he got arrested by the police


Answer: he got arrested by the police

Q18.How did she respond when he told her to forget she ever saw him?

(1) she told him she won’t pretend anything like that
(2) she forgot she saw him
(3) none of the above
(4) she didn’t respond


Answer: she told him she won’t pretend anything like that

Q19.What was Horaces first thought?

(1) to shout
(2) to kill them
(3) to blackmail them
(4) to run


Answer: to run

Q20.How did he come to know about the safe?

(1) eavesdropping
(2) servant
(3) a magazine article
(4) by spying on them


Answer: a magazine article

Q21.Where was the safe hidden?

(1) inside an almirah
(2) behind a painting
(3) none of the above
(4) it was kept open


Answer: behind a painting

Q22.What was Horace fond of?

(1) robbing
(2) books
(3) none of the above
(4) locks


Answer: books

Q23.What did he study about the house?

(1) electric wiring
(2) rooms and garden
(3) all of the above
(4) paths


Answer: all of the above

Q24.Who did he live with?

(1) friends
(2) wife
(3) none of the above
(4) children


Answer: none of the above

Q25.Who is the author of A Question of Trust?

(1) Ruskin Bond
(2) James Herriot
(3) Victor Canning
(4) Robert Arthur


Answer: Victor Canning

Q26.Horace Danby was suffering from

(1) cough
(2) cold
(3) teeth ache
(4) hay-fever


Answer: hay-fever

Q27.The young lady was in a ……………dress.

(1) green
(2) red
(3) white
(4) yellow


Answer: red

Q28.Where was the safe in the room?

(1) behind a curtain
(2) behind a cheap painting
(3) behind the bed box
(4) behind a cupboard


Answer: behind a cheap painting

Q29.How many times did Horace Danby make a theft in a year?

(1) twice
(2) only once
(3) every month
(4) thrice


Answer: only once

Q30.Where had the servant at Shotover Grange gone that afternoon?

(1) to the market
(2) to their homes
(3) to the cinema
(4) to the park


Answer: to the cinema

Q31.Why did Horace rob a safe every year?

(1) to buy rare and valuable books
(2) to live in style
(3) to support his family
(4) to live comfortably


Answer: to buy rare and valuable books

Q32.Horace Danby did the job of

(1) making locks
(2) making toys
(3) making jewellery
(4) writing books


Answer: making locks

Q33.Horace Danby was about————— years old.



Answer: 50

Q34.Horace Danby was —— years old.



Answer: 50.

Q35.Horace Danby lived with his ——.

(1) Son
(2) Wife
(3) Daughter
(4) House keeper


Answer: House keeper.

Q36.Horace used to have —— problem during summer.

(1) Hay fever
(2) Heat allergy
(3) Cold
(4) Cough


Answer: Hay Fever.

Q37.Horace went to jail about —– years ago.

(1) 20 Years
(2) 10 Years
(3) 15 Years
(4) 5 Years


Answer: 15 Years.

Q38.Horace served in the prison for ——.

(1) Bathroom
(2) Garden
(3) Office
(4) Library


Answer: Library.

Q39.Horace used to steal money to buy —— from a secret agent.

(1) Diamond
(2) Book
(3) Other
(4) Gold


Answer: Book.

Q40.The house was empty as the family went to London and the two servants went –

(1) For a movie
(2) For shopping
(3) To bank
(4) With them


Answer: For a movie.

Q41.Horace entered the house through the –

(1) Backyard
(2) Main gait
(3) Kitchen window
(4) Garden wall


Answer: Garden wall.

Q42.There were about —— and a worth of jewels in the Grange safe.

(1) 20 dollar
(2) 15 thousand pound
(3) RS 1 Lakh
(4) 100 pound


Answer: 15 thousand pound.

Q43.There were —– very interesting books coming up for sale in the autumn.

(1) Thee
(2) Five
(3) Two
(4) Four


Answer: Three.

Q44.The house keeper hung the key of the house to the outside of the ——.

(1) Back door
(2) Kitchen door
(3) Bedroom window
(4) Front door


Answer: Kitchen door.

Q45.There was —— sleeping in the kitchen.

(1) A small dog
(2) A small cat
(3) An old lady
(4) A servant


Answer: A small dog.

Q46.The name of the dog was –

(1) Tiger
(2) Sherru
(3) Tommy
(4) Sherry


Answer: Sherry.

Q47.The safe was in the — room, behind the painting.

(1) Drawing
(2) Bed room
(3) Dinning
(4) Study


Answer: Drawing.

Q48.Horace had —– hours in his hand to complete all his tasks of stealing.

(1) 2 hours
(2) 1 hour
(3) 4 hours
(4) 5 hours


Answer: 4 hours.

Q49.There was a women in a —– dress at the doorway.

(1) White
(2) Red
(3) Pink
(4) Black


Answer: Red.

Q50.The woman did not want to let Horace go as she wanted to protect the ——.

(1) Society
(2) House
(3) Thief
(4) Herself


Answer: Society.

Q51.The lady picked up a —— box and a cigarette from it.

(1) Gold
(2) Copper
(3) Silver
(4) Metal


Answer: Silver.

Q52.By taking off his gloves Horace offered a —— to the lady to please her –

(1) Lighter
(2) Another cigarette
(3) Ashtray
(4) Drink


Answer: Lighter.

Q53.The lady asked to open the safe to Horace as she wanted the —— for the party of that night.

(1) Jewellery
(2) Money
(3) Gold box
(4) Dress


Answer: Jewellery.

Q54.The lady couldnt open safe by herself as she –

(1) Did not have the key
(2) Had forgotten the number
(3) Lost the key
(4) Did not know the secret number


Answer: Had forgotten the number.

Q55.Horace promised to the lady to open the safe within –

(1) Half an hour
(2) Two hours
(3) Ten minutes
(4) An hour


Answer: An hour.

Q56.Finally Horace got arrested for the robbery as he left behind his —– at the house.

(1) Bag
(2) Finger prints
(3) Shoes
(4) Gloves


Answer: Finger prints.

Q57.The young charming lady was actually a —— by profession.

(1) Secret agent
(2) Thief
(3) Servant
(4) Police


Answer: Thief.

Q58.The wife of the owner of the house was actually an old lady, aged –



Answer: 60.

Q59.Horace started working as the —— inside the prison.

(1) Assistant librarian
(2) Supervisor
(3) Librarian
(4) Gardener


Answer: Assistant Librarian.