Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory | Class 8 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 4

NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 8 English Honeydew Prose with Answers PDF Free Download based on the major ideas and themes presented in the textbook as per the CBSE new test pattern are available here. This will help you learn and test your understanding of the chapters. Students can also take a free test of Class 8 English Multiple Choice Questions. Each question has four possibilities, each of which is followed by the correct response. These MCQ Questions were chosen in accordance with the most recent CBSE exam format.

Q1.At Kalicharans Bepin Babu bought the books of

(1) philosophy
(2) technology
(3) religion
(4) cheap literature


Answer: cheap literature

Q2.Why would Bepin Babu stop in at Kalicharans in New Market?

(1) To buy vegetables
(2) To buy groceries
(3) To buy fruits
(4) To buy books


Answer: cheap literature

Q3.The man who talked to Bepin Babu at Kalicharans was

(1) an old friend of his
(2) a man from Ranchi
(3) an actor
(4) an enemy


Answer: an actor

Q4.On which day, Bepin Babu would buy books?

(1) Thursday
(2) Monday
(3) Friday
(4) Wednesday


Answer: Monday.

Q6.Name the shop Bepin Babu buy books from.

(1) Book market
(2) Kaliram
(3) Kalicharan
(4) None of these


Answer: Kalicharan.

Q7.Parimal Ghosh was successful in making Bepin Babu

(1) laugh at him
(2) think that there might be something wrong with his mind
(3) that he had really been to Ranchi
(4) that he was no stranger


Answer: think that there might be something wrong with his mind

Q8.What type books Bepin Babu buy every Monday?

(1) Crime stories
(2) Ghost Stories
(3) Thriller
(4) All of these


Answer: All of these.

Q9.Bepin Babu took a look at his right knee to

(1) be sure that Ghosh was wrong
(2) be comfortable
(3) take a bath
(4) be relieved of the pain there


Answer: be sure that Ghosh was wrong

Q10.How many books did he buy at a time to last through the week?

(1) Two
(2) One
(3) Five
(4) Four


Answer: Five.

Q11.Bepin Babu remembered

(1) that Haridas had left for Japan
(2) the he had the mark of injury
(3) that he had gone to Ranchi
(4) that the stranger had spoken the truth


Answer: that Haridas had left for Japan

Q12.What did Bepin Babu not like spending time in?

(1) Idle chat
(2) Reading books
(3) Travelling
(4) Cooking


Answer: Idle chat.

Q13.What was the name of the man Bepin Babu met in Kalicharan?

(1) Sitaram
(2) Dinesh Mukherji
(3) Haridas Bagchi
(4) Parimal Ghose


Answer: Parimal Ghose.

Q14.Bepin Babu didnt want to visit Mr. Mukerji because

(1) he was very upset
(2) he lived in a far off place
(3) Mukerji would conclude he was going nuts
(4) he did not believe Mr. Mukeiji


Answer: Mukerji would conclude he was going nuts

Q15.I arrange for a car to take you to the ——

(1) Ranchi
(2) Hudroo falls
(3) Kanpur
(4) Calcutta


Answer: Hudroo falls.

Q16.Bepin Babus telephone to Mr. Mukerji

(1) added to his worries
(2) comforted him
(3) made him angry
(4) made him change his opinion about Mr. Mukerji


Answer: added to his worries

Q19.Which place Mr. Ghose said to have met him?

(1) Kanpur
(2) Pune
(3) Ranchi
(4) Lucknow


Answer: Ranchi.

Q20.Chuni Lai came to visit Bepin Babu again and again because

(1) he was his old friend
(2) it was his custom
(3) he wanted to borrow some money
(4) he wanted him to help him get a job


Answer: he wanted him to help him get a job

Q21.Bepin Babu had never been to —

(1) Calcutta
(2) Delhi
(3) Kanpur
(4) Ranchi


Answer: Ranchi.

Q22.What was Bepin Babus routine?

(1) To go out for a walk
(2) To exercise
(3) To collect novels for a week
(4) None of these


Answer: To collect novels for a week

Q23.Bepin Babu returned early from his office because

(1) he had fallen ill
(2) Mukerji’s conversation had disturbed him
(3) he had gone mad
(4) he had a guest at home


Answer: Mukerji’s conversation had disturbed him

Q24.In which year Bepin Babu visited Ranchi as said by Mr. Ghose?



Answer: 1958.

Q25.What was the man doing?

(1) Staring at Bepin Babu
(2) Reading books
(3) Buying books
(4) None of these


Answer: Staring at Bepin Babu

Q26.Bepin Choudhurys biggest fears concerning his present condition was

(1) getting insane
(2) forgetfulness
(3) being lonely
(4) none of these


Answer: getting insane

Q27.Bepin Babu had never been to —

(1) Calcutta
(2) Delhi
(3) Kanpur
(4) Ranchi


Answer: Ranchi.

Q28.What intimate details are talked about in the passage?

(1) Bag of books
(2) Wife’s death
(3) Brother’s insanity
(4) All of these


Answer: All of these

Q29.What is the relationship between Bepin Choudhury and the speaker?

(1) Master – slave
(2) Teacher – student
(3) Friends
(4) Brother


Answer: Friends

Q30.Why could not he go Netarhat the next day?

(1) Because he did not had any mood to go
(2) Because he was angry with Mr. Ghose
(3) Because of the pain in the knee
(4) None of these


Answer: Because of the pain in the knee.

Q31.Where was Bepin in 58 during Puja holidays?

(1) Hapur
(2) Lucknow
(3) Kanpur
(4) Dimapur


Answer: Kanpur

Q32.How far does Chuni Lai succeed in his tricks?

(1) Completely
(2) Partially
(3) Not sure
(4) Not at all


Answer: Completely

Q33.Mr. Mukherji stayed with his ——

(1) Sister
(2) Wife
(3) Mother
(4) Brother


Answer: Sister.

Q34.Where was Bepin Babus car parked?

(1) In Bertram Street
(2) In Bertram State
(3) In Bhartiya Street
(4) In Bertram City


Answer: In Bertram Street

Q35.Hudroo falls are in

(1) Kolkata
(2) Mumbai
(3) Ranchi
(4) Delhi.


Answer: Ranchi

Q36.Which month in 58 are you talking about? – Name the month.

(1) November
(2) July
(3) April
(4) October


Answer: October.

Q37.What was Dr. Chanda talking about Bepin Babu?

(1) Lapse of memory
(2) Lapse of snorting
(3) Lapse of writing
(4) Lapse of sleep


Answer: Lapse of memory

Q38.The facts about the family given here are

(1) right
(2) wrong
(3) some right and some wrong
(4) none of the above.


Answer: right

Q39.Who had no children?

(1) Bepin Babu
(2) Parimal Ghose
(3) Mr. Mukherji
(4) Chunilal


Answer: Bepin Babu.

Q40.Who was the speaker of first line?

(1) Dinesh Mukerjee
(2) Bepin Choudhury
(3) Chetan Babu
(4) ChunniLal


Answer: Dinesh Mukerjee

Q41.Dinesh Mukerji was

(1) Bepin Babu’s friend
(2) an accomplice of Chuni Babu
(3) a stranger to Bepin Babu
(4) a doctor.


Answer: an accomplice of Chuni Babu

Q42.Chuni had been seeing the speaker for a long time because he was

(1) an old acquaintance
(2) an intimate friend
(3) in need of his help
(4) his old servant.


Answer: in need of his help

Q43.Whom did he ring up?

(1) Dr. Chanda
(2) Dr. Chadha
(3) Dr. Mukerjee
(4) Dr. Chandra


Answer: Dr. Chadha

Q44.The trip to Ranchi will

(1) worsen his condition
(2) help him recover
(3) soothe him
(4) not affect him at all.


Answer: worsen his condition

Q45.Dr. Chanda called Bepin Babus case a peculiar one because of

(1) lapse of memory
(2) childish behaviour
(3) being miser
(4) of unruly behaviour


Answer: lapse of memory

Q46. kept turning up like a bad penny.

(1) Bepin Choudhury
(2) Chunilal
(3) Parimal Ghose
(4) Dinesh Mukherji


Answer: Chunilal

Q47.Chunni Lai fixed up railway booking for Ranchi as he was a

(1) teacher
(2) tourist guide
(3) travel agent
(4) investment banker


Answer: travel agent

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