Chapter 11 | Profit and Loss | Class-5 DAV Primary Mathematics

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Chapter 11 Worksheet 2 | Profit and Loss | Class-5 DAV Primary Mathematics

Unit 11 Worksheet 2 || Profit and Loss

1. Solve the following questions.

(a) A vegetable seller bought potatoes for ₹200. He spent ₹20 on transport and then sold them for ₹290. Find the profit or loss.

(b) Mr Gupta bought a car for ₹40,000. He spent ₹8,000 for painting it. If he sold the car for ₹53,000, find the gain or loss.

(c) Ramlal purchased a plot for ₹35,000. He constructed a boundary wall around it which costed him ₹5,500. If he sold the house for ₹51,000, find the gain or loss.

(d) A merchant bought a sofa-set for ₹8,000. He sold it to his friend for ₹10,000. If the merchant had spent ₹200 on transport, find his gain or loss.

(e) A property dealer purchased a house for ₹1,50,000. He spent ₹15,000 on repairing the house. After six months, he sold the house for ₹2,15,000. Find the gain or loss made by the property dealer.

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