Class 1 Calendar Worksheet – 2

Chose the correct answer

1. If today is Monday then what day was yesterday?

a) Tuesday                        b) Sunday
c) Saturday                       d) None of these

2. What day comes in between Tuesday and Thursday?

a) Wednesday                   b) Friday
c) Thursday                       d) Monday

3. What day is always a holiday?

a) Monday                         b) Tuesday
c) Sunday                          d) None of these

4. What day comes after Friday?

a) Sunday                          b) Monday
c) Saturday                        d) None of these

5. If today is Friday, then what is day after tomorrow?

a) Saturday                        b) Sunday
c) Monday                          d) None of these

6. Tuesday, Wednesday,__________, Friday

a) Monday                          b) Thursday
c) Saturday                         d) Sunday

7. __________, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

a) Saturday                       b) Friday
c) Sunday                         d) None of these

8. If today is Saturday, then what was day before yesterday?

a) Sunday                        b) Friday
c) Thursday                     d) None of these

9. What day comes before Monday?

a) Saturday                       b) Sunday
c) Friday                           d) None of these

10. Saturday, Sunday, __________

a) Friday                           b) Tuesday
c) Wednesday                  d) Thursday

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