Class 1 English Grammar

In this post we will teach English grammar topics for class 1.

Class 1 English Grammar Topics

2Statements and Questions
3Adjectives and Descriptive Words
6 Singular and Plural Nouns
7 Verbs
8Masculine and Feminine Nouns
9Action and Time


A noun is a naming word. It names a place, a person, an animal or a thing.

• A place —-city Eg. London

• A person -> Father

• An animal—> Lion

• A thing—> Car

Every sentence has a noun.

There are words to name fruits and vegetables –Carrot, Cauliflower.

There are words to name animals and birds. –> cat, crow.

Here are more examples of nouns.


A. Match the word in column A with the pictures in B.

Class 1 English Grammar

B. Circle the correct Answers

1. Mango ———Fruit/ Animals

2. Actor ———- Things/ Person

3. Crow———–Things/ Birds

4. Hospital——–Place/Person


C. Are these nouns names of places, persons or things? Write them in the correct columns.

  1. Bag 2. father 3. bank 4. plate 5. market 6. nurse

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