Class 3 Shapes Worksheet -1

In this post, we have covered grade or class 3 worksheets related to Shapes. The worksheet provided also contains word problems on Shapes.

1.Given below are two columns-Column 1 and Column 2. Match the two columns and write the correct answer in the given blank grid.

Class 3 Shapes Worksheet -1

2. Read the statement given below and write True or False against each statement.

StatementState True or False
1.A cylinder has 3 faces.
2. A sphere has 1 edge.
3. A circle has 1 corner.
4. A square has four equal sides.
5. An ice cream cone is in the shape of a cylinder.
6. A birthday cap is conical in shape.
7. A bangle can be used to draw a rectangle.
8. An A-4 size paper is a square.
9. The shape of wheels of a car are circles.
10. A sphere has no corners.
11. A triangle is an example of a closed figure.
12. The letter ‘M’ is an example of a closed figure.
13. A spiral is an open figure.

If you wish to download this worksheet with answers click on the link mentioned below.

Class 3 Shapes Worksheet -1 with Answers Download

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