Class 4 Worksheet 5 Number System

1. Name the three periods into which a 6-digit number is grouped.

Ans: Three Periods are Ones, Thousands and Lakhs

2. Mention the places in Ones and Thousands periods.


OnesOnes,Tens, Hundreds
ThousandsThousands,Ten Thousands

3. Rewrite the following numerals using commas between periods.


(a) 9140991,409
(b) 1136251,13,625
(c) 8243008,24,300
(d) 9846198,461
(e) 3100083,10,008
(f) 4444444,44,444
(g) 1000001,00,000
(h) 5050015,05,001

4. Write the period, place and place value of the encircled digit in each numerals

Class 4 Worksheet 5 Number System


S.NoPeriods Place Place Value
(a) 341968LakhsLakh300000
(b) 26048 OnesOnes8
(c)708432Ones Hundred400
(d)800432Thousands Thousands0
(h)438620Lakhs Lakhs400000

5.Write the numerals using commas between periods.

(a) Sixty two thousand three hundred.62300
(b) Thirty thousand one.32000
(c) Two lakh one thousand three.201003
(d) Six lakh twenty nine thousand sixty.629060
(e) Fifty thousand fifty.50050
(f) Nine lakh nineteen thousand nineteen.919019
(g) Fourteen thousand thirty one.14031
(h) Eight lakh one thousand three hundred one.801301

6. Write the number names for the following numerals.
(a) 75,831 =Seventy Five Thousand Eight hundred thirty one

(b) 3,65,186= Three Lakh Sixty Five Thousand One Hundred Eighty Six

(c) 1,00,301 = One Lakh Three Hundred One

(d) 95,000 =Ninety Five Thousand

(e) 3,08,751 =Three Lakh Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty One

(f) 7,07,707 =Seven Lakh Seven Thousand Seven Hundred Seven

(g) 6,60,660 =Six Lakh Sixty Thousand Six Hundred Sixty

(h) 40,004=Forty Thousand Four

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