DAV Books Solutions for Class 2 My English Reader Books

 In this post , we have discussed solution of My English Reader class 2 book solutions which is followed in all DAV School. Solutions are given below with proper Explanation which will help students in their unit and final examination.

DAV Books Solutions for Class 2 English

Section 1


2. Riddle Time

3. Puss and the Parrot

4. The Helpful Friends

5. Little Pussy

Section 2

6. A Spark in the Dark

7. The Sailing Trip

8. A Mouse in the House

9. The Rainbow

10. The Magic Matchbox

11. Where is the Pink Whale?

12. The Crow’s Nest

13. The Foamy Soap

14. Let’s Draw

Section 3

15. When I was a Baby

16. Hanuman

17. The Silver Tray

18. An Inch of Gold

19. What did Sheetal…?

20. The Sparrows

21. Wonder

22. Two Shops

23. The School in the Jungle

24. Whose is it???

25. That is Your Bag, Not Mine

26. The Swing

27. Tomorrow ‘will’ be a Holiday

28. Raghu, the Dreamer

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