DAV Class 6 SST Chapter 24 Question Answer Our Urban Government

A. Tick the correct option.

1. The Chairperson of a Municipal Corporation is called-

Answer: Mayor

2. A Municipal Corporation is also known as-

Answer: Nagar Nigam

3. The semi-urban areas which are gradually developing into cities have a-

Answer: Nagar Panchayat

4. The cities with a population of 20,000 to 10 lakhs have-

Answer: Municipal Council

5. The cities with more than 10 lakh population have-

Answer: Municipal Corporation

B. Fill in the blanks.

1. Cleanliness and sanitation is the responsibility of ___________ in small towns.

2. The minimum age for contesting the Municipal Council elections is ___________.

3. The main cause of rapid growth of population in big cities is due to the inflow of ___________.

4. The Chairperson of a Nagar Panchayat is elected by the ___________ whereas the Deputy Chairperson is elected by the ___________.

5. A Municipal Council is also called ___________ in some states.

Answer: (1) Nagar Panchayat (2) 21 years (3) migrants (4) people, members (5) municipal committees/municipal Boards.

C. Write True or False for the following statements.

1. There are 604 districts in India.

2. The Seventy Sixth Amendment Act of 1992 provided three types of urban local bodies.

3. The Municipalities are formed by nominating its members.

4. Nagar Panchayat is the smallest local body in urban areas.

5. The Municipal Corporation works through various committees.

Answer: (1) False (2) False (3) False (4) True (5) True.

D. Answer the following questions in brief.

1. Name three urban self-governing bodies.

Answer: The three urban self-governing bodies are:

  • Nagar Panchayat
  • Municipal Council
  • Municipal Corporation

2. Give three functions of a Municipal Commissioner.

Answer: The three functions of Municipal Commissioner are:

  1. He implements the decision of the Municipal Corporation.
  2. He supervisors the work of the Municipal Corporation.
  3. He prepares the financial budget and performs other related functions.

3. Mention two sources of income of a Nagar Parishad.

Answer: The two sources of income are:

  • Nagar Parishad gets funds through taxes like water tax, house tax, vehicle tax, etc.
  • Financial assistance from State Government.

4. Name any three committees of a Municipal Corporation and their main functions.

Answer: The three committees of a Municipal Corporation and their main functions are:

  1. The Education committee – It looks after the primary schools.
  2. The Water supply committee – It manages the efficient supply of drinking water.
  3. Electric supply committee-It manages the supply of electricity.

5. What different names are used for the Head of the district? What is the basis of his selection?

Answer: The head of the district is called District Officer or Deputy Commissioner or District Collector or District Magistrate. His selection is made on the basis of an All-India Competitive Examination.

E. Answer the following questions.

1. Describe any five main functions of Municipal Corporation.

Answer: Five main functions of Municipal Corporation are:

  • Supply of electricity.
  • Supply of fresh drinking water.
  • Maintenance of hospitals.
  • Construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, parks, etc.
  • Sanitation and cleanliness including removal of garbage and cleaning of drains.

2. How is the management of big cities quite different?

Answer: The management of big cities quite different. The big cities with a large population have a Municipal Corporation. Since the problems of such cities are more complicated in nature and are difficult to solve. The responsibility of a Municipal Corporation increases. Therefore, the day-to-day work is looked after by various committees.

For example, the education committee looks after the primary schools, whereas it is the duty of the water supply committee to manage efficient supply of drinking water.

3. What are the main sources of income of a Municipal Corporation?

Answer: The sources of income of a Municipal Corporation include water tax, octroi, property tax, toll tax, licence fee, etc. The annual financial grants and loans from the State Government.

4. Mention some problems being faced by the big cities these days.

Answer: Nowadays, more and more people are migrating towards big cities is due to the inflow of employment. This causes rapid growth of population in big cities and it becomes over-crowded. People faces the problems of drinking water, electricity, hospital and transport.

5. List three important functions of the Deputy Commissioner in district administration.

Answer: The three important functions of Deputy Commissioner are:

  • To maintain law and order in the district.
  • To collect revenue and maintain land records.
  • Development of Civil Amenities.

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