DAV Students Share Your Class Notes, Homework, and Question Paper!!!

Attention DAV Students, I hope this website has been a great help to you we will try to cover more and more subjects and try to cover the rest as soon as possible, but in this journey, we need your help now. students you can be of great help to us, your classmates, and Juniors.

We have always been taught that “sharing is caring.” Sharing is spreading joy amongst others.

Please Share your Notes on any subjects we will try to feature the notes with your Name (You can give your Real name Or Any Nickname ) on this website.

Step to Share Notes

Step 1. Enter Your Name/Nickname, Class and subject for which you are sharing in subject of Mail.

Step 2. Upload your notes, assignment, question papers in pdf, jpg format.

Step 3: Send it to [email protected]

Students can also share questions on same email id we will try to solve as soon as possible.

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