Fair Play Class 6 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 7

Here you will find NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 6 English with Answers PDF Free Download based on the important concepts and topics given in the textbook as per CBSE new exam pattern. This may assist you to understand and check your knowledge about the chapters. Students also can take a free test of the Multiple Choice Questions of Class 6 English. Each question has four options followed by the right answer. These MCQ Questions are selected supported by the newest exam pattern as announced by CBSE.

Q1.According to the understanding the old lady was

(1) to stay with Jumman
(2) to get some money
(3) still the owner of property
(4) to forget about her property


Answer: to stay with Jumman

Q2.Aigu could not do anything because he had

(1) asked Jumman to be the Panch
(2) asked Sahu to nominate the Panch
(3) great friendship with Jumman
(4) faith In Jumman’s justice


Answer: asked Sahu to nominate the Panch

Q3.Aigu had a case against

(1) Jumman’s aunt
(2) Jumman
(3) Jurnman’s wife
(4) Sahu


Answer: Sahu

Q4.Algus heart sank because Jumman

(1) was Sahus friend
(2) was his friend
(3) was unjust
(4) wanted revenge against him


Answer: wanted revenge against him

Q5.Algus nomination as head Panch made Jumman

(1) happy
(2) sad
(3) nasty
(4) jealous


Answer: happy

Q6.Between whom was the arrangement done?

(1) Jumman’s wife and her aunt
(2) Jumman and his wife
(3) Jumman and his aunt
(4) Jumman’s wife and his aunt


Answer: Jumman and his aunt

Q7.Both parties began to meet villagers to seek their support. However It seems that Algu must not have met

(1) common people
(2) Jumman’s aunt
(3) Jumman
(4) the panch


Answer: Jumman

Q8.Complete the statement : God lives

(1) in the hearts of men
(2) in heaven
(3) in clean places
(4) In the heart of the Panch


Answer: In the heart of the Panch

Q9.Everybody knew that Justice was on the side of

(1) Sahu
(2) Jumman
(3) Aigu
(4) Jummans aunt


Answer: Aigu

Q10.How did Jumman and his wife harass the old aunt?

(1) By beating her
(2) By taking all her money
(3) By throwing her out of the house
(4) By insulting her


Answer: By insulting her

Q11.How strong was their friendship?

(1) They worked together
(2) They eat together
(3) None
(4) When either of them went away from village, the other looked after his family


Answer: When either of them went away from village, the other looked after his family.

Q12.In the phrase both the parties. one party was Algu and his case was that

(1) Sahu had stolen his money
(2) Sahu had killed his bullock
(3) Sahu had stolen his bullock which is now dead
(4) Sahu had bought his bullock but not paid for it


Answer: Sahu had bought his bullock but not paid for it

Q13.Jumman and Algu were

(1) good friends
(2) cousins
(3) brothers
(4) enemies


Answer: good friends

Q14.Jumman believecf that Algu

(1) is his enemy
(2) would never go against him
(3) will leave him
(4) was his friend


Answer: would never go against him

Q15.Jumman believed that Algu

(1) is his enemy
(2) would never go against him
(3) will leave him
(4) was his friend


Answer: would never go against him

Q16.Jumman came to Algu soon after

(1) he was nominated a Panch
(2) his bullock was dead
(3) his aunt brought a case against him
(4) the panchayat was over


Answer: the panchayat was over

Q17.Jumman had become Algus enemy because

(1) Aigu had given a verdict against him
(2) Aigu had cheated him
(3) Aigu was a bad man
(4) his aunt had gone to Algu’s house


Answer: Aigu had given a verdict against him

Q18.Jumman realised what it was to be a Panch when

(1) Aigu became a Panch
(2) he became a Panch himself
(3) Algu’s bullock was dead
(4) he got verdict against himself


Answer: he became a Panch himself

Q19.Jummans remark shows that so far as her wife s behaviour was concerned, he was

(1) dissatisfied
(2) satisfied
(3) upset
(4) angry


Answer: satisfied

Q20.Sahu saw his chance because he was sure that Jumman would give the decision

(1) against Algu
(2) against him
(3) against the bullock
(4) against his aunt


Answer: against Aigu

Q21.She knew that

(1) Algu would never speak against
(2) Algu and Jumman were friends Jumman
(3) Jumman could Influence Aigu
(4) Algu was Jumman’s enemy


Answer: Aigu and Jumman were friends Jumman

Q22.The attitude of Jumman towards the aunt

(1) was good
(2) became undesirable
(3) was loving
(4) hurt her


Answer: became undesirable

Q23.The aunt decided

(1) to appeal to the panchayat
(2) to separate
(3) to leave the village
(4) to cook herself


Answer: to appeal to the panchayat

Q24.The aunt expected

(1) a different response
(2) just what Juniman did
(3) Jumman’s wife to change
(4) worse


Answer: a different response

Q25.The aunt expected the village panchayat

(1) to get her back her property
(2) to do her a favour
(3) to punish Jumman
(4) to do justice


Answer: to do justice

Q26.The aunt was speaking to

(1) Algu
(2) Jumman
(3) Jumman’s wife
(4) Panch


Answer: Aigu

Q27.The change in situation was that the old lady

(1) was beaten
(2) was turned out of the house
(3) wanted her property back
(4) was regularly insulted


Answer: was regularly insulted

Q28.The moral of the passage Is that the most Important thing In life is

(1) enmity
(2) friendship
(3) justice
(4) love


Answer: justice

Q29.The noun form of sank is

(1) sinking
(2) sin
(3) sunk
(4) sinker


Answer: sinking

Q30.The old aunt had great faith in

(1) Aigu
(2) Jurnman
(3) herself
(4) Panch


Answer: Panch

Q31.The old lady was

(1) Jummans sister
(2) Jumman’s mother
(3) none of the above
(4) Jumman’s aunt


Answer: Jumman’s aunt

Q32.The verb form of preparation is

(1) prepare
(2) prepared
(3) propose
(4) pare


Answer: prepare

Q33.The villagers held them

(1) and imprisoned them
(2) responsible for the wrong
(3) captives
(4) in high esteem


Answer: in high esteem

Q34.The word conscience means

(1) awareness
(2) conscious
(3) science
(4) an Inner sense


Answer: an Inner sense

Q35.The word deviate Is the opposite of

(1) move
(2) turn
(3) find
(4) continue


Answer: continue

Q36.The word looked after means

(1) looked at her
(2) watched her
(3) did not bother
(4) took care of


Answer: took care of

Q37.The word run In the passage means

(1) manage
(2) walk fast
(3) finish
(4) consume


Answer: manage

Q38.The word shamelessly Indicates that Juniman was

(1) sympathetic
(2) foolish
(3) unrepentant
(4) against his wife


Answer: unrepentant

Q39.The word understanding is

(1) verb
(2) gerund
(3) noun
(4) adjective


Answer: noun

Q40.To whom did Jummans aunt transfer her property?

(1) To Algu
(2) To Sahu
(3) None
(4) To Jumman


Answer: To Jumman.

Q41.What is the meaning of swallowed here?

(1) fought
(2) gulped
(3) tolerated
(4) took in


Answer: tolerated

Q42.What was the old ladys case?

(1) Jumman was taking her property forcefully.
(2) Jumman was not treating her property
(3) None
(4) Jumman was refusing to give money to her.


Answer: Jumman was not treating her property.

Q43.Who had some property?

(1) Jumman’s Aunt
(2) Jumman
(3) None
(4) Algu


Answer: Jumman’s Aunt.

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