Genders Question Answer | DAV Class 4 English Practice Book Chapter 2 Solutions

Look at the following family tree and the names of some of the relationships in the Aid Box. Then complete the sentences given on the next page. Some sentences have been completed as examples.

Genders Question Answer | DAV Class 4 English Practice Book Chapter 2 Solutions

Sunita Nayyar is Kishori Lal Nayyar’s daughter.

2. Rajat Kapoor is Kishori Lal’s son-in-law.

3. Dheeraj Nayyar is Kishori Lal’s

4. Pallavi Bansal is Shanta Devi’s daughter-in-law.

5. Madhuri Kapoor is Dheeraj Nayyar’s niece.

6. Abhimanyu Nayyar is Sunita Nayyar’s

7. Dheeraj Nayyar is Madhuri Kapoor’s

8. Mahima Kapoor is Shanta Devi’s

9. Pallavi Bansal is Sunita Nayyar’s

10. Ankit Nayyar is Madhuri Kapoor’s

Worksheet 1

The following persons/animals have got separated from their partners. Draw lines to match the partners.

Author Actor Landlord horse peacock hero sir wizard

heroine madam peahen witch authoress mare landlady actress

Worksheet II

The names of some persons or animals are given below. Write ‘M’ if they are of the masculine gender and ‘F’ if they are of the feminine gender. Write the name of the opposite gender in the space provided. Take words from the Aid Box.

Person/AnimalMale/FemaleOpposite Gender
bridemare bridegroom emperor king mistress dog hostess duchess bull peahen

Worksheet III

Now complete the names of the following persons/animals and write whether they belong to male/female/common gender.The first one has been done for you.


A person who paints is a pa inte r.

2. A child without parents is called an rp n.

3.. A person who lives in the house next to yours, is your n gh r.

4. Your father’s dad is your _r n _f _t __r.

5. The opposite gender of a horse is a a

6. The opposite gender of nephew is

7. The person who teaches us is a_e______

Worksheet IV

Ms Parikh is going to tell her students a new story today. But there is a problem. The boys want her to tell them the story of a wizard while the girls want her to tell them the story of a witch. Ms Parikh thinks of a plan.

I’ll tell you a story. Change the gender of the nouns in each line and you can get a story both about the witch and the wizard.

Complete the story that the students narrated. I-

The Cruel Wizard of Osmania’ / ‘The Cruel Witch of Osmania’ Once upon a time there lived a wizard in a jungle. Once upon a time there lived a witch in a jungle.
He was very kind hearted but his wife was very cruel. She but her
The wizard would always help everyone who was in trouble.
The witch with her magic wand caused problems for the people.
One day the Emperor of Afghanistan and the Duke of Kent were
passing through the jungle on their horses.
The witch saw them coming and thought to herself,
‘Hee, Hee, let me trouble them and steal their peacocks.’
The wizard heard her and decided to help the travellers.

Worksheet V

Now turn to the passage B.2 ‘Mix-up at Birth’ (Unit-Sports) of My English Reader. Locate and write the opposite genders of those given in the blurb.




( aunt ( father fisher-man /

Find out two common genders in the passage.



Do it yourself

1. Check your knowledge. Complete thee following statements.

a) Your Mother’s mother is your

b) Your hair is cut by

c) Your father and mother are your

d) A person who treats a patients is a

e) A boy on his wedding day is

2.Pair Them

Match and arrange the following list of words in the two columns given below:
A fox hart count master mistress peahen peacock countess roe vixen Male Female

3.Fill in each blank with the opposite gender of the word given in bold letters.

(a) The Duke of Kent was cruel but the was kind hearted.

(b) Mrs Kaul invited all her nephews and to her son’s birthday.

(c) The wicked queen wanted Snow White to die but the loved his daughter very much. (d) My uncle is very fat but my is slim.

(e) The smiled and waved at everyone but the emperor seemed to be very sad.

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