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Worksheet – 1

1. Read the following extract from a science newspaper and tick (✓) the correct option from the boxes.

The phone rings and you listen to the voice on the other side. You can hear the voice of the speaker but can you see what the speaker looks like? Well, maybe. So, when you speak up, be careful because your voice may also convey information on your life. When scientists asked volunteers to listen to the recordings of people and rate the voices, they found that the voices rated highest belonged to people having more active lives. Scientists feel that our voice instantly conveys basic information about the gender and age although it may not be true in all the cases. Voices of extrovert people conveyed much more information about them than the voices of people who were introvert.

2. Do it Yourself.

Worksheet – 2

1.Given on the next page is a checklist of likes and dislikes of Pooja and Vineet. Read it carefully and write about their likes and dislikes using the following linkers. Two examples have been done for you.

Likes and DislikesPoojaVineet
reading magazines
watching T.VX
dining out
talking on phoneX
attending parties
playing cardsXX

Ans.(a) Both Pooja and Vineet like reading magazines.

(b) Pooja likes watching T.V. but Vineet does not.

(c) Pooja likes shopping but Vineet does not.

(d) Both Pooja and Vineet like dining out.

(e) Vineet likes cooking  but  Pooja does not .

(f) Pooja likes talking on the phone  but Vineet does not.

(g) Both Pooja and Vineet like attending parties.

(h) Vineet likes travelling  but  Pooja does not .

(i) Niether Pooja nor Vineet likes attending parties.

Worksheet – 3

Read the following sentences do it yourself

Worksheet – 4

1. Join the following sentences using the linkers specified in the box against each sentence. One has been done for you.

(a) The rain was over. The sun shone brightly. Linker of time

Answer : The sun shone brightly after the rain was over.

(b) The teacher was not in the staff room. I came back. Linker of reason

Answer :  I came back because the teacher was not in the staff room.

(c) Manan will visit their house. He wants to discuss his problem with them. Linker of purpose
Answer: Manan will visit their house so that he may discuss his problem with them.

(d) He did not fare well in the examination. He was given the job. Linker of concession
Answer: Even if he did not fare well in the examination he was given the job.

(e) Complete your class work. You cannot leave for your home. Linker of time

You cannot leave for your home till you complete your class work.

(f) Rajat is quick in solving maths questions. Tarun is quicker. Linker of comparison

Tarun is quicker whereas Rajat is quick in solving Maths questions.

(g) Ajay is a strict vegetarian. He will have serious problems in China. Linker of condition

If Ajay is strict Vegetarian he will have some serious problems in china.

(h) Attempt the first question. Move on to the second. Linker of time

Attempt your first question before you move on to the second one.

(i) He started late. He finished first. Linker of concession

He finished first although he started late.

Worksheet  5

1.Given below are some measures suggested for the development of rural areas.

Fill in the blanks with suitable linkers to understand their full meaning and significance.


(a)  Since illiteracy is the root cause of people’s ignorance of their rights, we should lay more stress on making them literates.

(b) Though most of the rural areas do have electricity, yet very few of them have enough electrical equipments to utilise it. More T.V. sets and computers should be installed in the Panchayat halls for better general awareness.

(c) Almost every village has enough water, but potable water is rare. The government should take effective steps so that pure drinking water is available to every village.

Worksheet  6

1.In the Unit—Changing Times' of your MCB, you have read about the difference in attitude, hobbies, lifestyle and tastes of the elder generation and the youngsters. Taking clues from the unit, write an article on the topic Now and Then — The Inevitable Generation Gap’. Do not forget to use co-ordinating linkers and subordinating linkers [time, reason, comparison, result].

Will be uploaded very Soon

Worksheet  7

1.In each of the sentences given below, word(s) is/are missing. Put a slash where the word(s) is/are missing. Find the appropriate word(s) from the box below and write it/them in the blank.

 even, that, order, as, if, as well, soon as, condition, so


(a)The circular was distributed / that the students might know the vacation
(b)Do not lie even / the world is against you.if
(c)He saved a rupee daily so / he could have something in time of need.that
(d)Smriti stood / if she were a
(e)The students stood up as / the teacher arrived in the class.soon as
(f)The President as / the Prime Minister was present in the function.well as
(g)You will get this job on / that you shall work seven days a week.condition
(h)There is no harm in apologising to elders / if you are not at fault.even


1. The passage given below has not been edited. Some words are missing. Put a slash where you think a word is missing and write it in the space provided.


We know mammals took over as / thesoon as
dinosaurs died out, / have you ever wondered why this happened? Well, one reason is thatbut
mammals are warm blooded creatures, / means that their bodies have a constant temperature.which
This is important / it means that the mammals are ready for action at all times, in all weathers,because
/ the cold blooded animals needed to soak heatwhereas
from the sun / they could move about.before

 2. The paragraph given below has not been edited. Some words have been used wrongly. Read the passage, underline the wrong words and write the correct words in the spaces provided.

Fruit or vegetables contain natural chemicals __and__

who are necessary for good __which__

health. Such substances have attracted

either popular and scientific attention __both__

to the health benefits these provide. __________

These substances—Flavonoids—may

not be essential nutrients and appear ___ but ___

to provide health benefits: but therein __ and___

lies their importance.

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