Meadow Surprises | Class 7 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 8

NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Poems Meadow Surprises with Answers PDF Free Download based on the major ideas and themes presented in the textbook as per the CBSE new test pattern are available here. This will help you learn and test your understanding of the chapters. Students can also take a free test of Class 7 English Multiple Choice Questions. Each question has four possibilities, each of which is followed by the correct response. These MCQ Questions were chosen in accordance with the most recent CBSE exam format.

Q1.The poet wants to explore

(1) hidden treasure
(2) the habitats of the animals
(3) hidden life
(4) the web of branches


Answer: the habitats of the animals

Q2.The rabbits make

(1) burrows in the ground
(2) mounds
(3) shelters
(4) small caves


Answer: mounds

Q3.The mounds are amazing as one finds

(1) lot of treasure mound
(2) wonderful houses inside the
(3) conference rooms
(4) storage rooms


Answer: wonderful houses inside the

Q4.You observe the rabbit only when he

(1) hops
(2) runs
(3) crawls
(4) sits


Answer: runs

Q5.Your presence will

(1) enliven the environment
(2) delight the rabbit
(3) sustain nature
(4) scare a rabbit


Answer: delight the rabbit1

Q6.A rabbit sits

(1) very stiff
(2) on Its paws
(3) In a beautiful style
(4) on Its hind legs


Answer: on Its paws

Q7.A meadow reveals

(1) animals and their habitats
(2) the mystery of nature
(3) the brooks
(4) wonderful things


Answer: the mystery of nature

Q8.To have a glimpse of the surprises one should

(1) wear glasses
(2) walk softly and be alert
(3) bring a telescope
(4) travel in a car


Answer: walk softly and be alert

Q9.When we are by the side of a brook, we should

(1) sit on a stone
(2) try to listen
(3) not push
(4) not carry snacks


Answer: try to listen

Q10.The shape of the dandelion is

(1) like a candy
(2) umbrella shaped
(3) none of the above
(4) parachute like


Answer: umbrella shaped

Q11.One should explore the who live in the meadows.

(1) food collected by the animals animals
(2) houses made by different
(3) both (a) and (b)
(4) possibility of life for those


Answer: houses made by different

Q12.The butterfly feeds on

(1) leaves
(2) insects
(3) flowers
(4) nectar


Answer: nectar

Q13.In a meadow, the birds make their nests in.

(1) tall grass
(2) a building
(3) the burrow
(4) the earth


Answer: tall grass

Q14.What is the butterfly busy doing?

(1) fluttering wings
(2) sucking nectar
(3) eating other isects
(4) hovering over flowers


Answer: sucking nectar

Q15.The surprises do the meadows have to offer are

(1) velvety grass
(2) sound of brook
(3) all of these
(4) flowers


Answer: all of these

Q16.Who can feel the delight of the surprises that meadows offer?

(1) an eager passerby with his eyes and ears wide open
(2) visitor
(3) a hunter
(4) A person who takes photographs of it


Answer: an eager passerby with his eyes and ears wide open

Q17.Which word is the opposite ofbadly1?

(1) many
(2) look
(3) amazing
(4) well


Answer: well

Q18.What do you not see immediately in the meadows?

(1) air parachutes
(2) a dandelion
(3) all of these
(4) a rabbit


Answer: a rabbit

Q19.What flutters when you blow at it?

(1) fuzzy heads of flowers
(2) the little rabbit
(3) none of these
(4) parachutes


Answer: fuzzy heads of flowers

Q20.Where are the burrows?

(1) In the houses
(2) In the ground
(3) None of these
(4) On the trees


Answer: In the ground

Q21.If you have alert eyes and ears you

(1) can discover the wealth hidden
(2) can discover the surprises
(3) none of the above
(4) can discover the nature


Answer: can discover the surprises

Q22.The drinking straws refer to butterflys –

(1)(i) Sting
(2) Wings
(3) all of above
(4) Eyes


Answer: Sting.

Q23.Who lives in burrows?

(1) Ants
(2) Mongoose
(3) Rabbits
(4) Shake


Answer: Rabbits

Q24.Who hops and runs when it is scared ?

(1) the pigeon
(2) the squirrel
(3) the dove
(4) the rabbit


Answer: the rabbit

Q25.Who live in mounds.

(1) Ants
(2) Mongoose
(3) Rabbits
(4) Snake


Answer: Ants

Q26.Who makes burrows ?

(1) the rabbits
(2) the ants
(3) the squirrel
(4) the snails


Answer: the rabbits

Q27.The rabbit will hops –

(1) To harm one who walks towards him
(2) If one may not see him and walks towards him
(3) all of above
(4) To hide in a place


Answer: If one may not see him and walks towards him.

Q28.Meadows are

(1) dry
(2) grassy
(3) watery
(4) flowery


Answer: grassy

Q29.The fuzzy head of a dandelion has turned to –

(1) Colorless
(2) Airy parachutes
(3) all of above
(4) Dime


Answer: Airy parachutes.

Q30.Where does a butterfly rest upon?

(1) A root
(2) A seed
(3) A buttercup
(4) A blackberry


Answer: A buttercup

Q31.The creatures which refer in this poem are –

(1) Horse, rat, rabbit
(2) Butterfly, rabbit, ant
(3) all of above
(4) Ant, crow, cat


Answer: Butterfly, rabbit, ant.

Q32.What do you mean by a brook?

(1) A lake
(2) A small river
(3) A pond
(4) A sea


Answer: A small river

Q33.Meadows listen by the –

(1) Trees
(2) Brook
(3) all of above
(4) Delves


Answer: Brook.

Q34.What kind of grass do the meadows have?

(1) Dry grass
(2) Velvet grass
(3) None of these
(4) Wet grass


Answer: Velvet grass

Q35.The meadow offers surprises like

(1) wild burrows
(2) tableware
(3) wild plants
(4) kitchenware


Answer: wild plants

Q36.You may see a butterfly, rest upon a –

(1) Buttercup
(2) Hill
(3) all of above
(4) Valley


Answer: Buttercup.

Q37.The meadows walk very –

(1) Forte
(2) Softly
(3) None
(4) Slowly


Answer: Softly.

Q38.Name the poem.

(1) Meadow Surprises
(2) Trees
(3) Chivvy
(4) The Shed


Answer: Meadow Surprises

Q39.Meadows walk through –

(1) Velvet grass
(2) Valley
(3) None
(4) River bank


Answer: Velvet grass.

Q40.Give the meaning of explore.

(1) play
(2) write
(3) god
(4) search


Answer: search

Q41.Butterflies usually feed –

(1) Insects
(2) Nectar
(3) None
(4) Leaves


Answer: Nectar.

Q42.Who make(s) burrows ?

(1) the rabbits
(2) the ants
(3) the squirrel
(4) the snails


Answer: the rabbits

Q43.Name the poet of the poem Meadow Surprises.

(1) Lois Brandt Phillips
(2) Shirley Bauer
(3) Michael Rosen
(4) Kit Wright


Answer: Lois Brandt Phillips

Q44.Butterflies unfold its drinking straws to –

(1) Blow with the wind
(2) Sip the nectar up
(3) None
(4) Sleep


Answer: Sip the nectar up.

Q45.An alert man can find – in the meadows

(1) a cow
(2) a treasure
(3) surprises
(4) the soil


Answer: surprises

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