My Mother- Class 8 DAV English Literature Solutions

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My Mother- Class 8 DAV English Literature Solutions

DAV CLASS 8 English Literature Chapter 5 My Mother Question and answer

Understanding the Poem:

A. As the poet thinks of his mother, several images flash across his mind. Write those images in the web chart below.

My Mother- Class 8 DAV English Literature Solutions

B. The poet has beautifully described some personal qualities of his mother. In the table given below, Column A has a list of qualities and Column B has extracts from the poem that suggest those qualities. Match the columns. Some words are given in italics to help you.


Column AColumn B
1. helpfulshared your best with whoever needed the most.
2. understandingyou knew the pain of your child.
3. religiousyou always gave and gave with faith in Him.
4. tenderyour caring hand tenderly removing the pain.

C. The poet’s childhood days were full of struggle. Find out a few things that the poet had to do in his childhood to help the family.

Answer:The poet woke up early to collect and distribute newspapers to supplement the family income. In the evenings he spent time in business activities before he studied at night.

D.Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow. •

1. You come to me like heaven’s caring arms. I remember the war days when life was challenge and toil—Miles to walk, hours before sunrise,

(a) Who are ‘you’ and ‘me’ in the above lines?

Answer: In the above lines, ‘you’ is the poet’s mother and ‘me’ is the poet, A P J Abdul Kalam.

(b) Identify the figure of speech used in the first line and explain it.

Answer: Simile has been used in the first line. Here, mother has been compared to heaven’s caring arms using the term ‘like’.

(c) Mention two things that made the poet’s life difficult. (d) Why did the poet have to walk so much early in the morning?

Answer: The poet had to walk miles to take lessons first from the saintly teacher and then at Arab teaching school. The poet also had to climb the sandy hills to Railway Station Road to collect newspapers, which he distributed to the residents of Rameswaram.

2. All this pain of a young boy, My Mother you transformed into pious strength With kneeling and bowing five times

(a) Who is the young boy?

Answer. The young boy is Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

(b) What pain is he talking about?

Answer. He is talking about the pain due to walking miles every day early in the morning and the toil of evening business times.

(c) What was this pain transformed into? How did this transformation take place?

Answer. The pain was transformed into strength. It took place by means of kneeling and bowing five times.

(d) What do you understand by ‘kneeling and bowing five times’?

Answer: ‘Kneeling and bowing five times’ is way of praying to the god in the Muslim custom.

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