NCERT Books for Class 1 [Complete PDF]

Ncert books for Class 1 All Subjects [Hindi ,English and Urdu Medium] for the academic session 2022–2023 are available in PDF format. NCERT Class 1 PDF are provided for English (Marigold ), Hindi (रिमझिम ), Maths (Maths Magic), गणित (गणित का जादू ) and Raindrops (A Special Series of English book).

On all study materials are available for free and students can get all materials in pdf format for offline study.

class 1 books in pdf

NCERT Books For Class 1 All Subjects [Updated September 2022]

In PDF format, we have provided the NCERT textbook for Class 1 of all compulsory subjects Maths, English, and Hindi. Students can begin studying for the final exam by downloading these books.

MediumEnglish, Hind&Urdu
SubjectsMaths, English, Hindi and Urdu
Academic Year2022-23

NCERT Books For Class 1

The English Language’s prescribed book is ‘Marigold and Raindrops’. Students can download the Class 1 NCERT English textbooks in PDF format below:

Class 1 English Marigold Book

Download Chapter-Wise PDFRead Chapter Wise Pdf Online
Chapter 1 Unit 1 A Happy ChildA Happy Child
Chapter 1 Unit 2 Three Little PigsThree Little Pigs
Chapter 2 Unit 1 After a BathAfter a Bath
Chapter 2 Unit 2 The Bubble, The Straw, and the ShoeThe Bubble, the Straw, and the Shoe
Chapter 3 Unit 1 One Little KittenOne Little Kitten
Chapter 3 Unit 2 Lalu and PeeluLalu and Peelu
Chapter 4 Unit 1 Once I saw a Little BirdOnce I Saw a Little Bird
Chapter 4 Unit 2 Mittu and the Yellow MangoMittu and the Yellow Mango
Chapter 5 Unit 1 Merry-Go-RoundMerry-Go-Round
Chapter 5 Unit 2 CircleCircle
Chapter 6 Unit 1 If I were an AppleIf I Were an Apple
Chapter 6 Unit 2 Our TreeOur Tree
Chapter 7 Unit 1 A kiteA Kite
Chapter 7 Unit 2 SundariSundari
Chapter 8 Unit 1 A little TurtleA Little Turtle
Chapter 8 Unit 2 The Tiger and the MosquitoThe Tiger and the Mosquito
Chapter 9 Unit 1 CloudsClouds
Chapter 9 Unit 2 Anandi RainbowAnandi’s Rainbow
Chapter 10 Unit 1 Flying ManFlying Man
Chapter 10 Unit 2 The Tailor and His FriendThe Tailor and His Friend

Class 1 English Raindrops Book

Download Chapter-Wise PDFRead Chapter-Wise PDF Online
Chapter 1 Clap, Clap, ClapChapter 1 Clap, Clap, Clap
Chapter 2 One, TwoChapter 2 One, Two
Chapter 3 The Little BirdChapter 3 The Little Bird
Chapter 4 BubblesChapter 4 Bubbles
Chapter 5 ChhotuChapter 5 Chhotu
Chapter 6 Animals and BirdsChapter 6 Animals and Birds
Chapter 7 Fruits and VegetablesChapter 7 Fruits and Vegetables
Chapter 8 Who Am I?Chapter 8 Who Am I?
Chapter 9 Hide and SeekChapter 9 Hide and Seek
Chapter 10 Fun with NumbersChapter 10 Fun with Numbers
Chapter 11 ShapesChapter 11 Shapes
Chapter 12 CatsChapter 12 Cats
Chapter 13 ColoursChapter 13 Colours
Chapter 14 Actions We DoChapter 14 Actions We Do
Chapter 15 Left and RightChapter 15 Left and Right
Chapter 16 The Lion and the MouseChapter 16 The Lion and the Mouse
Chapter 17 Morning and EveningChapter 17 Morning and Evening
Chapter 18 May I Come In?Chapter 18 May I Come In?
Chapter 19 Action SongChapter 19 Action Song

Class 1 Maths Books

The textbook for 1 class Maths is available in three languages: English, Hindi, and Urdu. Shapes, Numbers, Addition, Subtraction, Time, Measurement, Money, and other topics are covered in the books. The books can be downloaded by following the links.

Download Complete Maths Book PDFDownload Chapter Wise Books
Class 1 Maths BookClass 1 Maths Book
Ganit Ka Jaadu (Hindi)Ganit Ka Jaadu (Hindi)
Riyazi Ka Jadoo – I (Urdu)Riyazi Ka Jadoo – I (Urdu)

Class 1 Hindi Books

The textbook for Hindi Class 1 is ‘Rimjhim.’ The PDF link to the NCERT Hindi textbook for Class 1 can be found in the table below. To download the book click the link.

Download Complete Maths Book PDFDownload Chapter Wise PDF
Download Class 1 Hindi BookRead Chapter-Wise Class 1 Hindi Book

Class 1 Urdu Books

The textbook for NCERT Class 1 Urdu Language is titled ‘Ibtedai Urdu.’ Students can get the book by clicking on the following link:

Ibtedai Urdu-IIbtedai Urdu-I

Some Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to get NCERT Books for Grade 1 for free?

Yes, all books for Class 1 are available for free one-click PDF download at You can get free books for Class 1 in all mediums for subjects including math, English, Hindi, and Urdu.

How many subjects are there in the Class 1 Syllabus?

There are four subjects namely Math, English, Urdu, and Hindi in the class 1 syllabus.

Is it possible to get NCERT Books class 1 Hardcopy?

Yes, students can buy directly from Amazon and Flipkart.

How many chapters does the English book Marigold has?

There are a total of 10 chapters in class1 marigold’s book each chapter has 2 units inside.

What is the list of chapters the Class 1 Math book has?

There is a total of 13 chapters in NCERT Books for Class 1 Maths book. Following are the list of chapters Shapes and Space, Numbers from One to Nine, Addition, Subtraction, Number from Ten to Twenty, Time, Measurement, Numbers from Twenty-one to Fifty, Data Handling, Patterns, Numbers, Money, and How Many.

How many chapters does the class 1 Hindi book have?

There are a total of 23 chapters in NCERT Books for Class 1 Hindi book.

What is unique about our website when there are already many websites providing pdf?

Our website provides a one-click download option and also links are provided so that students can read books online without downloading. Since Most of the website tries to give multiple links and confuse the user we have provided a one-stop download solution for students.

How is different from other websites like

Firstly, we have provided a PDF not a ZIP file as we understand it takes extra effort for the students to extract the zip files, especially for mobile users when downloaded from NCERT.NIC.IN . Secondly, Pdf provided here are compressed and are small in size without compromising with quality.

What is the syllabus of 1st class?

According to the Class 1 syllabus, there are five NCERT books for Class 1 that cover three subjects: Marigold-1 (English), Raindrops-1 (English), Rimjhim-1 (Hindi), Maths Jadu-1 (Mathematics), and Math Magic-1 (Math).

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