Number System Worksheet – 10

The number 45782 is less than the smallest 7-digit number. Then the number is equal ________.
a) 1000000  b) 954218
c) 945218  d) None of these

2. What is the least number that should be added to 7856756 so that the resulting number will be the greatest 7-digit number?
a) 2413243  b) 1243243
c) 2143243  d) None of these

3. What is the equivalent of 1 billion in the Indian number system?
a) One Crore  b) Ten Crore
c) Hundred Crore  d) None of these

4. What is the successor of 8 digit largest number?
a) 1000000  b) 99999999
c) 100000000  d) None of these

5. How many thousands are there in one million?
a) Hundred thousand
b) Thousand thousand
c) Ten thousand
d) None of these

6. 10 million = ________ Lakh
a) Ten  b) Twenty
c) Fifty  d) Hundred 7. 79800000 _____ 86756432
a) >  b) =
c) <  d) None of these

8. Zero is the smallest one-digit number, mark True / False.
a) True  b) False

9. Face value and place value of a number is always different.
a) True  b) False

10. If we subtract 5 digit largest number from the 6-digit smallest number, then what will be the result?
a) 10  b) 100
c) 1000  d) 1

If you want to download the above worksheet, please click the below link. Number System-5 Download the pdf Number System Worksheet – 1 Number System Worksheet – 2 Number System Worksheet – 3 Number System Worksheet – 4 Number-System-AnswerDownload the pdf

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