Quality | Class 7 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 5

NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 7 English Quality with Answers PDF Free Download based on the major ideas and themes presented in the textbook as per the CBSE new test pattern are available here. This will help you learn and test your understanding of the chapters. Students can also take a free test of Class 7 English Multiple Choice Questions. Each question has four possibilities, each of which is followed by the correct response. These MCQ Questions were chosen in accordance with the most recent CBSE exam format.

Q1.These lines are spoken by

(1) the younger brother
(2) a young English man
(3) the company manager
(4) the elder brother


Answer: a young English man

Q2.He took long time to execute his order shows

(1)(c) associates
(2) people/customers
(3) friends
(4)(b) brother


Answer: people/customers

Q3.The lined face showed

(1) the struggle for survival advertisements
(2) his satisfaction for
(3) the lines on his face
(4) his problems


Answer: the struggle for survival advertisements

Q4.The author could guess that Mr. Gessler was not in favour of

(1) advertisements by big firms
(2) big firms
(3) bad quality
(4) good quality


Answer: advertisements by big firms

Q5.In modem times, the big firms

(1) are cheating the people
(2) get good business in summers
(3) are minting money
(4) have employed advertisers


Answer: are cheating the people

Q6.The infrequent visits by author were due to

(1) the author did not get time
(2) Gessler’s shoes lasted long
(3) Gessler’s shoes were of bad quality
(4) the father kept busy


Answer: Gessler’s shoes lasted long

Q7.The shoes making (for Mr. Gessler) was

(1) an easy task
(2) a difficult task
(3) quite expensive
(4) an art


Answer: an art

Q8.Essence here means

(1) substance
(2) distinctive feature
(3) important
(4) concentrate


Answer: substance

Q9.The two Gessler brothers believed

(1) in producing the quality boots
(2) in producing the quantity of boots
(3) to be prompt in business
(4) to employ servants


Answer: in producing the quality boots

Q10.The author visited the bootshop

(1) often
(2) frequently
(3)(b) just once a year
(4) infrequently


Answer: infrequently

Q11.The authors complaint about the boots that creaked, left Mr. Gessler

(1) in trouble
(2) annoyed
(3) shocked
(4) in sorrow


Answer: shocked

Q12.Mr. Gesslers complaint about the big firms was that they

(1) produced worthless boots
(2) spoiled his business
(3) both (a) and (b)
(4) delivered only quality


Answer: spoiled his business

Q13.The author felt pity so he ordered

(1) many pairs of boots
(2) a pair of boots
(3) both (a) and (b)
(4) to mend the boot that creaked


Answer: many pairs of boots

Q14.Mr. Gessler died of

(1) slow starvation
(2) cholera
(3) a shock
(4) rabies


Answer: slow starvation

Q15.Mr. Gesslers shop was taken over by

(1) his elder brother
(2) the English
(3) his younger brother
(4) an English man


Answer: an English man

Q16.The main distinction of the shop of Mr. Gessler was

(1) its quietness
(2) its modem look
(3) its neatness
(4) the red colour


Answer: its quietness

Q17.When the author met Mr. Gessler after his brothers death, he found him suddenly

(1) very sad
(2) very happy
(3) very wise
(4) very old


Answer: very old

Q18.Prove that Mr. Gessler was not an Englishman?

(1) Inferences of his mother
(2) He did not have any etiquettes
(3) He was beaten by an Englishman?
(4) He disliked Englishman


Answer: Inferences of his mother

Q19.Where did Mr. Gesaler live?

(1) he lived in Brisbane in a hut
(2) he lived in London in his shoe shop
(3) he lived in New York
(4) he lived in Queensland


Answer: he lived in London in his shoe shop

Q20.What material Mr. Gessler used to make the boots?

(1) rough leather
(2) finest quality leather
(3) imported rough rexin
(4) soft rexin


Answer: finest quality leather

Q21.The name plate was missing at Mr. Gesslers shop as –

(1) it was out of fashion
(2) it was broken
(3) it was stolen away
(4) it was taken out by someone


Answer: it was taken out by someone

Q22.What has caused the slow business for shoe maker?

(1) the author’s shoe didn’t last long.
(2) the author had brought shoes from a big firm
(3) the author had not visited Mr. Gessler’s shop for long The author was turned out to be
(4) the fact that the Mr. Gessler was losing on business and was having a difficult time.


Answer: the fact that the Mr. Gessler was losing on business and was having a difficult time.

Q23.What happened to Mr. Gessler?

(1) he was upstairs
(2) he was ill
(3) he was dead
(4) he had not comer to work that day


Answer: he was dead

Q24.What did Gessler do?

(1) Asked the writer to take out his boot
(2) Pressed a finger on the left boot.
(3) None of these
(4) Went to the shop


Answer: Pressed a finger on the left boot

Q25.His shop was in a fashionable part of –

(1) England
(2) London
(3) All Of Above
(4) Greece


Answer: London.

Q26.With whom did Gessler live?

(1) With the writer Alone
(2) With his elder brother
(3) Alone
(4) With his sister


Answer: With his elder brother

Q27.The shoes that Gessler made, seems to speaker

(1) Very worthless
(2) Mysterious and wonderful
(3) All Of Above
(4) Awful


Answer: Mysterious and wonderful.

Q28.What did the author do?

(1) Went to a hotel
(2) Went to the shop
(3) Put the shoes in the rack
(4) Wrote a cheque


Answer: Wrote a cheque

Q29.His shop is very –

(1) Stimulating
(2) Restful and peaceful
(3) All Of Above
(4) Noisy


Answer: Restful and peaceful.

Q30.Whose name was gone?

(1) Gessler’s brother’s name
(2) The American’s name
(3) Gessler’s name
(4) The author’s name


Answer: Gessler’s name

Q31.The speaker asked Mr. Gessler to make a pair of –

(1) Russian Leather boots
(2) Russian slippers
(3) All Of Above
(4) Leather jacket


Answer: Russian Leather boots.

Q32.Who is he in the above lines?

(1) The author
(2) Gessler
(3) Gessler’s friend
(4) Gessler’s brother


Answer: Gessler

Q33.Mr. Gessler said to give his shoes

(1) Today
(2) Tomorrow fortnight
(3) All Of Above
(4) After three days


Answer: Tomorrow fortnight.

Q34.Mr Gessler smiled while replying the question because he

(1) felt proud of his work
(2) agreed with the speaker
(3) none of the above
(4) was pleased that someone had praised him


Answer: felt proud of his work

Q35.What was in his hands?

(1) A cup of tea
(2) A hammer
(3) None of these
(4) A piece of leather


Answer: A piece of leather

Q36.The speaker suddenly noticed in his red beard –

(1) Some gray hairs
(2) Two white hairs
(3) All Of Above
(4) A lot of gray hairs


Answer: A lot of gray hairs.

Q37.What did the author placed the order for?

(1) boots
(2) gloves
(3) none of these
(4) socks


Answer: boots

Q38.What had happened to Mr. Gessler?

(1) He died of starvation
(2) He had shifted to a new shop
(3) He did not want to attend the writer
(4) He had taken a leave


Answer: He died of starvation

Q39.After going from abroad, when the speaker come back to London after –

(1) 20 years
(2) 10 years
(3) All Of Above
(4) 15 years


Answer: 15 years.

Q40.The author was turned out to be

(1) careless about other’s emotions
(2) a kind person
(3) a busy man
(4) avoiding going to the shop


Answer: a kind person

Q41.He never advertised. For whom have these lines been said?

(1) Gessler
(2) Gessler’s older brother
(3) Writer
(4) Shoemaker


Answer: Gessler

Q42.Mr. Gessler died because of –

(1) Slow starvation
(2) An accident
(3) All Of Above
(4) Cholera


Answer: Slow starvation.

Q43.Why was the author disturbed?

(1) he was getting late
(2) he was worried about his boots
(3) he didn’t like the young man
(4) he was worried about Mr. Gessler’s well being


Answer: he was worried about Mr. Gessler’s well being

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