LTC Rules Multiple Choice Questions | LTC Rules MCQ

LTC Rules MCQ To whom does CCS (LTC) Rules apply?(a) Persons paid from contingencies(b) Persons appointed on contract basis(c) Members of the Armed Forces(d) Persons in casual and daily-rated employment Answer Answer: (b) CCS (LTC) Rules shall not apply to—(a) Persons re-employed after their retirement(b) State Government employees on deputation with the CentralGovernment(c) Employees of … Read more

[PC5 SAS MCQ ] CAG DPC Act, 1971

Welcome Again, In this post we have provided MCQ related to CAG DPC ACT 1971 these MCQ will help in preparation of PC5 syllabus. Proper command of Cag DPC act 1971 will also help in understanding of regulation of audit and accounts which is part of PC22 syllabus. Provisions that empower the C&AG to frame … Read more

Multiple choice questions Fundamental Rules &Service Rules

When did the Fundamental Rules come into force to all Government servants?(a) 15-8-1947 (b) 1-1-1922(c) 20-6-1960 (d) 26-1-1950 Answer Answer: (b) The Fundamental Rules became applicable to Defence Accounts Department personnel with effect from—(a) 1-7-1976 (b) 1-4-1976(c) 1-4-1972 (d) 31-12-2003 Answer Answer: (a) What are the matters for which powers cannot be re-delegated by the … Read more

PC 5 :Constitution of India, Statutes and Service Regulations (Civil Accounts, Civil Audit, Local Audit, P&T Audit and Commercial Audit) Syllabus

PC5 Syllabus Comprises of two portion : A. Service Regulations B. Constitution of India, Acts, Regulations Duration 2 hours, Maximum Marks: 100 A. Service RegulationsI. Common Subjects: 30%Provisions of the following Rules: Central Civil Services (Joining Time) Rules, Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, Defined Contribution Pension Scheme,(New Pension Scheme) Central Civil Services (Leave) Rules, Central … Read more