Sxx , Syy, and Sxy Calculator

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Regression analysis is used to model and analyze numerical data consisting of values of an independent variable X (the variable that we fix or choose deliberately) and dependent variable Y .
The main purpose of finding a relationship is that the knowledge of the relationship may enable events to be predicted and perhaps controlled.

Sxx is the sum of the squares of the difference between each xx and the mean x value.

SXX is one of the components computed in finding the correlation and regression. It is a measure of variability. It is also known as the sum of squares of the variable x.

Sxy is sum of the product of the difference between x its means and the difference between y and its mean.

Sxx Formula

Sxx , Syy, and Sxy Calculator

Sxy Formula

Sxx , Syy, and Sxy Calculator
Sxx , Syy, and Sxy Calculator

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