Taro’s Reward Class 6 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 3

Here you will find NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 6 English with Answers PDF Free Download based on the important concepts and topics given in the textbook as per CBSE new exam pattern. This may assist you to understand and check your knowledge about the chapters. Students also can take a free test of the Multiple Choice Questions of Class 6 English. Each question has four options followed by the right answer. These MCQ Questions are selected supported by the newest exam pattern as announced by CBSE.

Q1.With whom Taro lived?

(1) Mother
(2) Father
(3) None
(4) Both


Answer: Both

Q2.Why was Taro wanting to cut more woods?

(1) To earn more money
(2) To fulfill his father’s wish
(3) None
(4) To buy an axe


Answer: To fulfill his father’s wish

Q3.Why was Taro sad?

(1) Woods were wet
(2) He did not have money
(3) He was not able to buy sake
(4) He fell from the tree


Answer: He was not able to buy sake

Q4.Why Taro went to the wood early in the morning?

(1) To buy sake
(2) To cut more woods
(3) None
(4) to prevent sun stroke


Answer: To cut more woods

Q5Why Taro stopped cutting wood ?

(1) He fell from the tree
(2) He heard the sound of rushing water
(3) He got sick
(4) He saw a golden axe


Answer: He heard the sound of rushing water

Q6.Why did Taro taste the water again and again.

(1) as he needs more water
(2) To quench his thirst
(3) it was cold water.
(4) as it was sake’


Answer: as it was sake’

Q7.Why could Taro not buy sake for his father?

(1) It was not good for health
(2) He did not want to buy
(3) It was expensive
(4) He did not want to go to the market


Answer: It was expensive

Q8.Which drink Taros father wished?

(1) Sake
(2) Lemonade
(3) None
(4) Squash


Answer: Sake

Q9.When the old man drank sake:

(1) he started shouting
(2) his shivering stopped
(3) he recovered
(4) he became unconscious


Answer: his shivering stopped

Q10.When Taro saw the neighbours

(1) he feared them
(2) he only expected it
(3) he was happy
(4) he was surprised


Answer: he only expected it

Q11.What was Taros profession

(1) Wood cutter
(2) Wood picker
(3) Blacksmith
(4) Shepherd


Answer: Wood cutter

Q12.What happened one evening?

(1) An angel came there
(2) There was a heavy rainfall
(3) He felt sick
(4) A strong wind blew


Answer: A strong wind blew

Q13.What does Taro do for his living.

(1) He looks after his parents
(2) He makes sake’
(3) He was a woodcutter
(4) he cooks food for his parents


Answer: He was a woodcutter

Q14What did Taro see?

(1) A river
(2) A waterfall
(3) A rock
(4) A tree


Answer: A waterfall

Q15.What did Taro do when he realised that the water

(1) he ran away
(2) he has scared
(3) he went back to wood cutting
(4) he filled a pitcher


Answer: he filled a pitcher

Q16.Though he was thirsty.

(1) he continued his journey
(2) he climbed the stairs
(3) he kept on cutting
(4) he went on chopping the wood


Answer: he climbed the stairs

Q17.This was a waterfall

(1) which Taro had never seen before
(2) to which Taro often came
(3) which was very famous
(4) which people loved


Answer: to which Taro often came

Q18.The word muttering means

(1) speaking
(2) cursing
(3) complaining
(4) crying


Answer: cursing

Q19.The word expensive is the opposite of:

(1) pensive
(2) cheap
(3) useless
(4) useful


Answer: cheap

Q20.The wish of Taros father was

(1) to drink sake
(2) To dance in the rain
(3) To slip into his bed
(4) To go to the jungle


Answer: to drink sake

Q21.The waterfall was magical because:

(1) it gave the delicious ‘sake’
(2) it was beautiful
(3) of its speed
(4) of the golden water


Answer: it was beautiful

Q22.The waterfall gave Taro

(1) wine
(2) water
(3) milk
(4) sake


Answer: water

Q23.The villagers were disappointed because

(1) the waterfall was not beautiful
(2) Taro was not there
(3) they had not got sake
(4) the water was not good


Answer: Taro was not there

Q24.The villagers were angry because

(1) they were thirsty
(2) they felt cheated
(3) they had tasted sake
(4) they wanted Taro


Answer: they felt cheated

Q25.The truth was that the waterfall was

(1) always giving sake
(2) always giving water
(3) simply a dream
(4) a magical one


Answer: always giving water

Q26.The taste of the water was.

(1) sweet
(2) Delicious
(3) cold
(4) bitter


Answer: Delicious

Q27.The noun form of intended is:

(1) intent
(2) intend
(3) intention
(4) intensive


Answer: intend

Q28.The noun form of delicious is:

(1) delight
(2) delicate
(3) delicateness
(4) delicacy


Answer: delicate

Q29.The neighbours hurried out of Taros hut:

(1) to meet the guests about the waterfall
(2) to tell the whole village
(3) to buy fruits
(4) to cook the meals


Answer: to tell the whole village

Q30.The neigh bours had come there to:

(1) meet Taro
(2) take sake
(3) quarrel with Taro
(4) confirm the truth


Answer: take sake

Q31.The morning before was the day when Taro had come acrossa waterfall which

(1) made Taro rich
(2) gave fresh cold water
(3) gave wine
(4) gave sake


Answer: gave fresh cold water

Q32.Taros father wished for a:

(1) glass of milk
(2) cup of sake
(3) cup of coffee
(4) jug of water


Answer: cup of sake

Q33.Taro was a ____ woodcutter:

(1) young
(2) small
(3) old
(4) tiny


Answer: small

Q34.Taro was

(1) a young woodcutter
(2) an old man
(3) poor old father
(4) a greedy person


Answer: an old man

Q35.Taro wanted to earn more money for the sake of

(1) his mother
(2) his wife
(3) himself
(4) his father


Answer: his wife

Q36.Taro tasted it again and again because

(1) it was so sweet
(2) he liked it
(3) he could not believe the taste
(4) the water was very good


Answer: he liked it

Q37.Taro saw a beautiful little – hidden behind a rock

(1) flower
(2) Axe
(3) drink
(4) waterfall


Answer: waterfall

Q38.Taro had hidden himself because

(1) he had smelt the danger from the crowd
(2) he was enjoying the fun
(3) he was unconscious
(4) he hated the people


Answer: he was enjoying the fun

Q39.Taro decided to work harder. This shows that

(1) Taro was poor
(2) Taro was greedy
(3) Taro cared for his father
(4) Taro loved work


Answer: Taro was greedy

Q40.Taro came to the waterfall because.

(1) he needed sake
(2) he was thirsty
(3) here the water flowed quietly
(4) he knew this waterfall


Answer: he was thirsty

Q41.Taro brought the largest pitcher he had because

(1) he wanted as much sake as possible
(2) he was strong
(3)(c) he was greedy
(4)(d) he wanted to give that liquid to his neighbours


Answer: he was strong

Q42.Sake was a

(1) good drink
(2) good food
(3) medicine
(4) pure water


Answer: good food

Q43.Name the lesson.

(1) Taro’s Reward
(2) A Game of Chance
(3) Who Did Patrick’s Homework
(4) Fair Play


Answer: Taro’s Reward

Q44.I wish I __ the head boy of the school.

(1) could
(2) Had
(3) have
(4) would


Answer: would

Q45.How was the condition of Taros house?

(1) The hut fell down
(2) There were cracks in the hut
(3) None of these
(4) The hut was covered with water


Answer: There were cracks in the hut

Q46.He was sad because he wanted:

(1) to make life better for his parents
(2) to go to America
(3) to earn more
(4) to study in Oxford University


Answer: to go to America

Q47.He earned a — money, though he worked

(1) A little, very hard
(2) A little, hard
(3) The little hard
(4) The little, very hard


Answer: A little, very hard

Q48.Give the meaning of expensive.

(1) costly
(2) cheap
(3) raw
(4) fine


Answer: costly

Q49.A thoughtful son is someone who is

(1) caring
(2) Irresponsible
(3) a fool
(4) always lost in thought


Answer: caring

Q50.Kneeling means

(1) sitting on knees
(2) Knitting
(3) peeling
(4) kneading


Answer: sitting on knees

Q51.All of a sudden he:

(1) stopped to chop the wood .
(2) heard a sound
(3) got scared
(4) fell down


Answer: heard a sound

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