The Friendly Mongoose Class 6 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 2

Here you will find NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 6 English with Answers PDF Free Download based on the important concepts and topics given in the textbook as per CBSE new exam pattern. This may assist you to understand and check your knowledge about the chapters. Students also can take a free test of the Multiple Choice Questions of Class 6 English. Each question has four options followed by the right answer. These MCQ Questions are selected supported by the newest exam pattern as announced by CBSE.

Q1.The farmer brought a baby mongoose

(1) to please his friend
(2) to please his wife
(3) for its companionship to the
(4) for its companionship with the sun son


Answer: for its companionship to the

Q2.The farmers wife

(1) wanted to leave the baby alone
(2) did not want to leave the baby alone
(3) wanted to leave it with mother
(4) none of the above


Answer: did not want to leave the baby alone

Q3.Oh ! What have I done shows her

(1) repentance
(2) pride
(3) fear
(4) folly


Answer: repentance

Q4.The animals are

(1) enemies to man
(2) good to animals
(3) funloving
(4) the friends of man


Answer: the friends of man

Q5.Who lived in a village?

(1) A farmer and his mother
(2) A farmer and his wife
(3) A farmer and his brother
(4) None


Answer: A farmer and his wife.

Q6.Where did the farmer go?

(1) to the temple
(2) to the market
(3) to a shop
(4) to his fields


Answer: to his fields

Q7.The farmers wife did not trust

(1) the mongoose
(2) her husband
(3) her friend
(4) his son


Answer: the mongoose

Q8.We must have a pet – who said to whom?

(1) The farmer to his wife
(2) The wife to her husband
(3) The famer to his son
(4) None


Answer: The farmer to his wife.

Q9.What did the farmers wife see?

(1)(а) her son lying in a pool of blood
(2) mongoose face was smeared with blood
(3) the farmer fighting with mongoose
(4) none of these


Answer: mongoose face was smeared with blood

Q10.The phrasal verb looking for means

(1) observing
(2) searching
(3) helping
(4) gazing


Answer: searching

Q11.The farmer and his wife had a little –

(1) Pet
(2) Son
(3) Daughter
(4) None


Answer: Son.

Q12.The mongooses mouth was

(1) covered with clay
(2) wide-open
(3) blood-stained
(4) not covered with blood


Answer: blood-stained

Q13.Whose face and paws were smeared with blood?

(1) mongoose
(2) snake
(3) neighbour
(4) none of these


Answer: mongoose

Q14.When the farmers son grow up – they will need a –

(1) Pet
(2) Friend
(3) Companion
(4) None


Answer: Companion.

Q15.When the farmers wife struck the mongoose.

(1) she fell down
(2) she hit the floor
(3) he died after some time
(4) he died instantly


Answer: he died instantly

Q16.What did the farmers wife see inside the house?

(1) a mongoose
(2) a black snake
(3) a neighbour
(4) the farmer


Answer: a black snake

Q17.Where did the farmer and his wife with son lived?

(1) In a town
(2) In a village
(3) In a cave
(4) None


Answer: In a village.

Q18.The farmers wife felt sorry

(1) for being late
(2) for hurrying outside
(3) for her husband
(4) for her hasty action


Answer: for her hasty action

Q19.The story is taken from …………

(1) The Grandpa’s Tales
(2) The panchatantra
(3) Dada-Dadi Ki Kahaniya
(4) none of these


Answer: The panchatantra

Q20.Who will need a companion?

(1) The baby girl
(2) The Mongoose
(3) The baby boy
(4) None


Answer: The baby boy.

Q21.Caging the birds means

(1) taking them to a cage
(2) birds are caged instantly
(3) loss of freedom for them
(4) caged birds


Answer: loss of freedom for them

Q22.What kind of pet did the farmer bring home?

(1) a little puppy
(2) a little kitten
(3) a little mongoose
(4) a little hare


Answer: a little mongoose

Q23.What did the farmer bring with him –

(1) A tiny Mongoose
(2) A baby dog
(3) A cat
(4) None


Answer: A tiny Mongoose.

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