What If Class 6 MCQ Questions with Answers English Poem 8

Here you will find NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 6 English with Answers PDF Free Download based on the important concepts and topics given in the textbook as per CBSE new exam pattern. This may assist you to understand and check your knowledge about the chapters. Students also can take a free test of the Multiple Choice Questions of Class 6 English. Each question has four options followed by the right answer. These MCQ Questions are selected supported by the newest exam pattern as announced by CBSE.

Q1.Who might start a war?

(1) terrorists
(2) the speaker’s enemies
(3) the peoples of the world
(4) the foreigners


Answer: the peoples of the world

Q2.While the speaker lay thinking, there arose in his mind some questions which were

(1) foolish
(2) intelligent
(3) troublesome
(4) useless


Answer: useless

Q3.Whatif in your life should mean

(1) whatif I daydream
(2) whatif I chance to dream
(3) whatif I fall
(4) whatif I do not see a dream


Answer: whatif I chance to dream

Q4.This passage has been taken from the poem

(1) Whatif
(2) A House, A Home
(3) Beauty
(4) The Quarrel


Answer: Whatif

Q5.This passage has been taken from

(1) Whatif
(2) Beauty
(3) Vocation
(4) The Kite


Answer: Whatif

Q6.These questions relate to

(1) future
(2) present
(3) school
(4) past


Answer: future

Q7.Thes questions haunted his mind

(1) the whole evening
(2) for an hour
(3) all night
(4) all day


Answer: all night

Q8.The word Whatif indicates that the speaker is

(1) thinking of the impossible
(2) in real danger
(3) wasting his time and energy
(4) under threat


Answer: wasting his time and energy

Q9.The word swell in the passage is

(1) noun
(2) verb
(3) adverb
(4) adjective


Answer: adjective

Q10.The word flunk means the same as

(1) fail
(2) miss
(3) succeed.
(4) top


Answer: fail

Q11.The word flunk means

(1) fall
(2) pass
(3) feel low
(4) fall


Answer: fall

Q12.The word bolt means the same as

(1) a sudden strike
(2) a lock
(3) a piece of iron
(4) door


Answer: a sudden strike

Q13.The what if slnday today llfe can be

(1) may be. someone poisons me
(2) my parents might get divorced
(3) what if I do not do my H.W.
(4) what if my classmates laugh at me


Answer: what if my classmates laugh at me

Q14.The speakers fear was

(1) illogical
(2) logical
(3) unnecessary
(4) necessary


Answer: unnecessary

Q15.The speaker suffers from

(1) a brilliant Imagination
(2) a sense of insecurity
(3) the fear of lightning
(4) a threat to his life


Answer: a sense of insecurity

Q16.The speaker does not want to

(1) be happy
(2) live
(3) succeed
(4) die


Answer: die

Q17.The questions show that the speaker looks at the future with

(1) hope
(2) fear
(3) courage
(4) dismay


Answer: fear

Q18.The poem has been composed by

(1) Harry Behn
(2) Lorraine M. Halli
(3) Eleanor Farjeon
(4) Shel Silverstein


Answer: Shel Silverstein

Q19.The noun form of sang is

(1) sing
(2) song
(3) singly
(4) sung


Answer: song

Q20.The name of the poet is

(1) R.N. Tagore
(2) Shel Silverstein
(3) Peter Dixon
(4) Mary O’Neill


Answer: Shel Silverstein

Q21.The mentioned whatifs in the poem are

(1) whatlf I am dumb In school
(2) whatif I rise late in the morning
(3) whatif I push others
(4) whatif I fall down


Answer: whatlf I am dumb In school

Q22.The last line shows that the author is probably a

(1) businessman
(2) policeman
(3) student
(4) teacher


Answer: student

Q23.The first possibility In the passage is that the speaker might

(1) be depressed
(2) be canned
(3) be beaten by someone.
(4) beat some one


Answer: be depressed

Q24.The child has worries because

(1) he is tired
(2) he is overburdened
(3) of the family environment
(4) of a fearful nature


Answer: of a fearful nature

Q25.The cause of fearfulness is

(1) lack of confidence
(2) a great terror
(3) not doing the work
(4) the dark night


Answer: lack of confidence

Q26.The antonym of city is

(1) laugh
(2) wept
(3) tears
(4) tear


Answer: laugh

Q27.Im dumb in school means that the speaker might

(1) not be able to speak to his friends
(2) really go dumb In school
(3) be absent In school teachers’ questions
(4) not be able to answer the


Answer: be absent In school teachers’ questions

Q28.God is merciful as

(1) Keeps our record
(2) lie looks after us
(3) He is busy in His work
(4) He warns us


Answer: lie looks after us

Q29.Fear will disappear If we

(1) kill it
(2) do not think of It
(3) make the Devil our Master
(4) believe in God


Answer: believe in God

Q30.Daydreaming should be avoided. The word means

(1) dreaming In the morning
(2) dreaming when wide awake
(3) sleeping
(4) dreaming


Answer: dreaming when wide awake

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