Who Did Patrick’s Homework? Class 6 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 1

NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 6 English with Answers PDF Free Download based on the major ideas and themes presented in the textbook as per the CBSE new test pattern are available here. This will help you learn and test your understanding of the chapters. Students can also take a free test of Class 6 English Multiple Choice Questions. Each question has four possibilities, each of which is followed by the correct response. These MCQ Questions were chosen in accordance with the most recent CBSE exam format.

Q1.Who will grant Patricks wish-

(1) The little doll
(2) The little Elf
(3) None
(4) The little cat


Answer: The little Elf.

Q2.Who hated homework-?

(1) The teacher
(2) Elf
(3) None
(4) Patrick


Answer: Patrick

Q3.Which word in the passage mean shouted?

(1) britches
(2) yelled
(3) grant
(4) grabbed


Answer: yelled

Q4.When the cat was playing with the doll Patrick:

(1) grabbed the doll away
(2) picked it hard
(3) gave her milk
(4) started shouting


Answer: grabbed the doll away

Q5.When Patrick grabbed the little doll, what did he see and surprise-

(1) It was a small teadybeer
(2) It was a big doll
(3) None
(4) It was a man of the tiniest size


Answer: It was a man of the tiniest size.

Q6.What was the cat playing with?

(1) with Patrick
(2) with a doll
(3) with a little doll
(4) with a ball


Answer: with a little doll

Q7.What was Patricks wish?

(1) The elf must play with him
(2) The elf must do Patrick’s all homework till the end of the semester.
(3) None
(4) The elf must play with the little cat


Answer: The elf must do Patrick’s all homework till the end of the semester.

Q8.What was Patricks attitude to his studies?

(1) No interest
(2) Learnt a lot
(3) Felt good
(4) Worked hard


Answer: No interest

Q9.What did the little man say to Patrick?

(1) To save him from a rat
(2) To save him from dog
(3) To save him from cat
(4) To save him from cold


Answer: To save him from cat

Q10.What did Patrick discover after seeing the doll?

(1) A man of the tiniest size
(2) A robot
(3) none of these
(4) A puppet


Answer: A man of the tiniest size

Q11.What did Patrick ask the elf to do?

(1) To do his homework
(2) To play with him
(3) None of these
(4) To go with him


Answer: To do his homework

Q12.The writer emphasizes that:

(1) work is worship
(2) parents should help their children
(3) students should watch Discovery Channel
(4) students should be model kids


Answer: students should be model kids

Q13.The word which means the opposite of model is:

(1) ancient
(2) modern
(3) flawed
(4) bad


Answer: flawed

Q14.The word glitch in the passage means

(1) small problem
(2) great difficulty
(3) situation
(4) point


Answer: small problem

Q15.The teachers were happy and full of praise because

(1) They were friends of Patrick’s family
(2) Patrick had done so well
(3) They knew what the elf had done.
(4) They were hopeful of Patrick’s brilliant success


Answer: Patrick had done so well

Q16.The phrase in whatever way implies that Patrick helped

(1) the way the elf wanted
(2) the way he liked
(3) very willingly
(4) in an ideal manner


Answer: the way the elf wanted

Q17.The phrasal verb staying up nights means:

(1) remained awake at night
(2) he stayed at night
(3) night-stay
(4) living up nights


Answer: remained awake at night

Q18.The parents wondered at.

(1) his teachers’ praise
(2) Patrick’s A’s
(3) the amazement of his classmates
(4) the change in Patrick


Answer: the change in Patrick

Q19.The meaning of slyly

(1) Secretively
(2) Quickly
(3) Silently
(4) Dimly


Answer: Secretively

Q20.The little elf was doing Patricks homework because

(1) he wanted to learn
(2) he liked it
(3) it was what a witch had asked him to do
(4) it was the part of an agreement


Answer: it was the part of an agreement

Q21.The homework of Patrick was done by

(1) Tiny man
(2) Patrick
(3) Nobody
(4) Cat


Answer: Patrick

Q22.The elf was helpless and needed:

(1) educational help
(2) rest
(3) money
(4) practice before working


Answer: educational help

Q23.The elf granted a wish:

(1) to keep his promise
(2) to show its power
(3) to make him rich against the cat
(4) In return for his protection


Answer: In return for his protection

Q24.The elf did all the homework and so Patrick

(1) didn’t learn anything
(2) also least
(3) was very happy
(4) was idle


Answer: also least

Q25.The elf asked for Patricks help because

(1) this was an agreement
(2) Patrick knew everything
(3) the elf really needed it
(4) the elf wanted to trouble him


Answer: the elf really needed it

Q26.Promise was given by to Patrick

(1) Fairy
(2) Thin
(3) Fat man
(4) Tall man


Answer: Fairy

Q27.Patricks As made his classmates amazed because

(1) Patrick was a dull boy
(2) Patrick hadn’t worked hard
(3) they never expected it
(4) Patrick had copied


Answer: they never expected it

Q28.Patrick thought that his cat was playing with

(1) Doll
(2) Ball
(3) Lid
(4) Basket


Answer: Doll

Q29.Patrick played the games instead of doing homework

(1) Football
(2) Hockey and Basketball, Video games
(3) Chess
(4) Cricket


Answer: Hockey and Basketball, Video games

Q30.Patrick never did his homework because:

(1) he enjoyed parties
(2) he loved to watch T.V.
(3) he was lazy
(4) he hated homework


Answer: he hated homework

Q31.Patrick found his cat playing with-

(1) A little doll
(2) A little dog
(3) None
(4) A little toy


Answer: A little doll.

Q32.Patrick became a model kid because of

(1) his own hard work
(2) the elf
(3) his parents
(4) his teachers


Answer: his own hard work

Q33.Patrick always said homework-

(1) Too boring
(2) Too encouraging
(3) None
(4) Too entertaining


Answer: too boring

Q34.Number of days was there in the semester

(1) 30 days
(2) 20 days
(3) 40 days
(4) 35 days


Answer: 35 days

Q35.Little mans face wrinkled like a dish-cloth shows his emotions:

(1) of fear
(2) of anger
(3) of hatred
(4) of love


Answer: of anger

Q36.Ignoramus is a person who:

(1) lacks education
(2) is popular
(3) is arrogant
(4) knows literature


Answer: lacks education

Q37.If the man did a good enough job-

(1) Patrick could get a A’s
(2) Patrick could get a big prize
(3) None
(4) Patrick could get a B’s


Answer: Patrick could get a A’s.

Q38.His dress was

(1) fashionable
(2) out of fashion
(3) white
(4) black


Answer: out of fashion

Q39.He yelled because he feared

(1) a doll
(2) Patrick
(3) a man
(4) a cat


Answer: a cat

Q40.He who yelled was

(1) an elf
(2) a person
(3) a doll
(4) a cat


Answer: an elf

Q41.He was making a promise to

(1) Patrick
(2) a cat
(4) a witch


Answer: Patrick

Q42.Finally the elf slipped out:

(1) as there was no more homework
(2) as he had become tired
(3) as his slippers pinched him
(4) as he wished to avoid Patrick


Answer: as there was no more homework

Q43.According to the passage a witchs hat is

(1) broad
(2) small
(3) high
(4) woolen


Answer: high

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