A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 1

All important MCQs are provided for the chapter A Triumph of Surgery for class 10 Students are requested to practice all MCQ which will be helpful in their exam preparation. MCQs provided are as per the latest pattern announced by CBSE.

Q1.How was Tricki acting?

(1) didn’t go for walks
(2) refusing to eat his favourite food
(3) all of the above
(4) vomiting


Answer: all of the above

Q2.What was best according to the vet?

(1) to take him for a walk
(2) to take him to the hospital
(3) both b and c
(4) to let him have sugar


Answer: to take him to the hospital

Q3.What is the meaning of distraught?

(1) worried
(2) bend
(3) both b and c
(4) upset


Answer: both b and c

Q4.Why did the other dogs ignore Tricki?

(1) he was ill
(2) he was an uninteresting object
(3) all of the above
(4) he was furious


Answer: all of the above

Q5.What did the dogs know about food?

(1) there was no competition
(2) last ones will be liable to have competition for the leftover food
(3) it was the best part of the day
(4) it wasn’t good


Answer: last ones will be liable to have competition for the leftover food

Q6.What did the doctor advise?

(1) give him more exercise
(2) cut his food
(3) all of the above
(4) keep him on a very strict diet


Answer: all of the above

Q7.Who was Joe?

(1) pug
(2) nurse
(3) cat
(4) greyhound


Answer: greyhound

Q8.What is the meaning of the word scrimmage?

(1) play
(2) fight
(3) none of the above
(4) run


Answer: fight

Q9.Why is the narrator tempted to keep Tricki as a permanent guest?

(1) he thought Mrs. Pumphrey woudn’t take good care of Tricki
(2) because he loved Tricki
(3) none of the above
(4) they would lose all Luxuries like eggs, wine and brandy


Answer: they would lose all Luxuries like eggs, wine and brandy

Q10.what is the meaning of the word jostling?

(1) struggling
(2) running
(3) none of the above
(4) walking


Answer: struggling

Q11.How did the staff benefit from Mrs Pumphreys overdoing?

(1) lunch with wine
(2) breakfast with eggs
(3) all of the above
(4) dinner with brandy


Answer: all of the above

Q12.what did Mrs Pumphrey bring at first?

(1) four dozen fresh eggs
(2) two dozen fresh eggs
(3) both a and c
(4) wine


Answer: four dozen fresh eggs

Q13.What does the narrator refer to Tricki as, in the group of other dogs?

(1) shaggy little object
(2) silky little object
(3) none of the above
(4) he didn’t say anything


Answer: silky little object

Q14.What did Mrs Pumphrey think her dog is suffering from?

(1) malnutrition
(2) fever
(3) footsore
(4) stomach pain


Answer: malnutrition

Q15.How would you decribe Mrs. Pumphrey?

(1) over-doing
(2) loving
(3) rational
(4) intelligent


Answer: over-doing

Q16.I think I know a cure for you. What is the cure?

(1) giving him a surgery
(2) controlling Tricki’s diet
(3) keeping under observation
(4) giving injections


Answer: controlling Tricki’s diet

Q17.Who is Hodgkin?

(1) gardener
(2) dog owner
(3) Dog
(4) Veterinary surgeon


Answer: gardener

Q18.What made the narrator call Mrs Pumphrey after a fortnight?

(1) Tricki got unwell
(2) Tricki got recovered
(3) both a and c
(4) he knew she is suffering


Answer: both a and c

Q19.Who do you blame for Trickis illness?

(1) Tricki
(2) Mrs. Pumphrey
(3) Vet
(4) Herriot


Answer: Mrs. Pumphrey

Q20.How would you decribe the vet?

(1) over-doing
(2) tactful
(3) irrational
(4) careless


Answer: tactful

Q21.What did they use out of these?

(1) cushions
(2) toys
(3) none of the above
(4) coats


Answer: none of the above

Q22.Was the narrator waiting for a call from Mrs Pumphrey?

(1) yes
(2) no
(3) maybe not
(4) maybe


Answer: yes

Q23.What was the dog unable to play?

(1) walk
(2) ring-throw
(3) all of the above
(4) hide and seek


Answer: ring-throw

Q24.Did Mrs Pumphrey cut down on sweets as was advised?

(1) no
(2) yes
(3) she was not advised anything like that
(4) only for a while


Answer: only for a while

Q25.What is the name of the veterinary surgeon?

(1) Mrs. Pumphrey
(2) Tricki
(3) Mr. Herriot
(4) Hodgkin


Answer: Mr. Herriot

Q26.Who is the author of the story A Triumph of Surgery?

(1) Ruskin Bond
(2) James Herriot
(3) Victor Canning
(4) Robert Arthur


Answer: James Herriot

Q27.At his surgery, the doctor gave Tricki no food for ……….. days.

(1) three
(2) two
(3) five
(4) four


Answer: two

Q28.What was Trickis real disease?

(1) vomiting due to over-feeding
(2) stomach pain
(3) fever
(4) cholera


Answer: vomiting due to over-feeding

Q30.The dogs at the clinic took no interest in Tricki because he was

(1) not of their race
(2) dull and boring
(3) more powerful than them
(4) of small size


Answer: dull and boring

Q31.When Mr Herriot took Tricki to his clinic, Mrs Pumphrey was

(1) excited
(2) happy
(3) thanking the doctor
(4) wailing


Answer: wailing

Q32.When Tricki was seriously ill, who did Mrs Pumphrey make a frantic call?

(1) to her husband
(2) to her son
(3) to her maid-servant
(4) to a vet doctor Mr Herriot


Answer: to a vet doctor Mr Herriot

Q33.Tricki falls ill because

(1) of bad weather
(2) he met an accident
(3) his mistress overfed him
(4) he did not get proper food to eat


Answer: his mistress overfed him

Q34.What was the name of Mrs Pumphreys dog?

(1) Tommy
(2) Ben
(3) Jonny
(4) Tricki


Answer: Tricki

Q35.Tricki was a pet –

(1) Wolf
(2) Dog
(3) Bear
(4) Cat


Answer: Dog.

Q36.According to Mr. Herriot Tricki looked like a –

(1) Chicken roll
(2) Wolf
(3) Tiger
(4) Sausage


Answer: Sausage.

Q37.—— was the owner of Tricki.

(1) Mrs. Pumphery
(2) Mr. Herriot
(3) Mr. Stephen
(4) Mrs. Herriot


Answer: Mrs. Pumphery.

Q38.The color of the eyes of Tricki was –

(1) Yellow
(2) Black
(3) Red
(4) White


Answer: Red.

Q39.Trickis owner used to give a bowl of apart from his regular diet along with malt and cod liver oil –

(1) Horlicks
(2) Milk
(3) Juice
(4) Water


Answer: Horlicks.

Q40.—— and —— were Trickis favorite thing.

(1) Cakes and chocolates
(2) Rice and chicken
(3) Cakes and cookies
(4) Kichdi and Fish


Answer: Cakes and chocolates.

Q41.The narrator Mr. Herriot instructed Mrs. Pumphery to cut down —— from the diet of Tricki

(1) Meat
(2) Sweets
(3) Rice
(4) Milk


Answer: Sweets.

Q42.The reason behind the gardens not coming to take Tricki out for playing was –

(1) Cold
(2) Fever
(3) Stomach pain
(4) Lower back pain


Answer: Lower back pain

Q43.Tricki was wearing ——.

(1) Jacket
(2) Coat
(3) Pull over
(4) Rain Coat


Answer: Coat.

Q44.Mr. Herriot was a — by profession.

(1) Service holder
(2) Business person
(3) Banker
(4) Veterinary doctor


Answer: Veterinary doctor.

Q45.Mr. Herriot suggested Mrs. Pumphrey to get Tricki hospitalized and keep him under observation for —— days.



Answer: 15.

Q46.Tricki was wrapped in a —– while sending to the hospital.

(1) Mat
(2) Rain coat
(3) Blanket
(4) Cotton


Answer: Blanket.

Q47.Mr. Herriot made a bed for Tricki in a –

(1) Blanket
(2) Warm box
(3) Cage
(4) Warm hour


Answer: Warm box.

Q48.For the first two days Mr. Herriot kept Tricki just on –

(1) Milk
(2) Soup
(3) Juice
(4) Water


Answer: Water.

Q49.The name of the greyhound was –

(1) Jack
(2) Joe
(3) Micky
(4) Jiwi


Answer: Joe.

Q50.At the dinner Mr. Herriot should keep his eyes specially on –

(1) Joe
(2) Tricki
(3) Tristan
(4) Titan


Answer: Tristan.

Q51.At night Tricki used to go for hunting — with his other fellow dogs.

(1) Hews
(2) Rats
(3) Birds
(4) Cats


Answer: Rats.

Q52.For Trickis fastest recovery Mrs Pumphery started sending —— daily.

(1) Three dozen eggs
(2) One dozen egg
(3) 5 eggs
(4) Two dozen eggs


Answer: Two dozen eggs.

Q53.To improve the quality of blood, Mrs Pumphery started sending ——– for Tricki.

(1) Code liver oil
(2) Milk
(3) Wine
(4) Juice


Answer: Wine.

Q54.Meaning of chauffeur is –

(1) Helicopter
(2) Driver
(3) Dog
(4) Car


Answer: Driver.

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