The Thief’s Story |Class 10 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 2

All important MCQs are provided for the chapter The Thief’s Story for class 10. Students are requested to practice all MCQ which will be helpful in their exam preparation. MCQs provided are as per the latest pattern announced by CBSE.

Q1.Who is easier to rob?

(1) a greedy man
(2) a careless man
(3) Anil
(4) a trusting man


Answer: a greedy man

Q2.A queer way to earn money..What is the meaning of the word queer?

(1) famous
(2) strange
(3) illegal
(4) rare


Answer: strange

Q3.How, according to the narrator, would Anil feel upon finding out?

(1) fear
(2) angry
(3) sad
(4) acceptance


Answer: sad

Q4.What did Anil promise him to teach?

(1) cook
(2) write his name
(3) all of the above
(4) write full sentences


Answer: all of the above

Q5.Did Anil say anything about the robbery?

(1) no
(2) yes
(3) none of the above
(4) maybe


Answer: no

Q6.How was the meal he cooked first night?

(1) mouth-watering
(2) delicious
(3) terrible
(4) finger-licking good


Answer: terrible

Q7.What was the name of the shop above which Anil lived?

(1) Rasgulla Sweet Shop
(2) Laddu Sweet Shop
(3) Jumna Sweet Shop
(4) Jamun Sweet Shop


Answer: Jumna Sweet Shop

Q8.What name did he tell Anil?

(1) Hari Lal
(2) Anil Singh
(3) Anil Lal
(4) Hari Singh


Answer: Hari Singh

Q9.How has the narrator described Anil?

(1) kind
(2) simple
(3) all of the above
(4) easy-going


Answer: all of the above

Q10.How often did he change his name?

(1) every week
(2) every day
(3) every year
(4) every month


Answer: every month

Q11.What did the boy ask Anil for?

(1) to employ him
(2) to give him food
(3) to teach him
(4) to give him money


Answer: to employ him

Q12.Who do you blame for Trickis illness?

(1) Tricki
(2) Mrs. Pumphrey
(3) Vet
(4) Herriot


Answer: Mrs. Pumphrey

Q13.How would you decribe the vet?

(1) over-doing
(2) tactful
(3) irrational
(4) careless


Answer: tactful

Q14.What did they use out of these?

(1) cushions
(2) toys
(3) none of the above
(4) coats


Answer: none of the above

Q15.What made the narrator call Mrs Pumphrey after a fortnight?

(1) Tricki got unwell
(2) Tricki got recovered
(3) both a and c
(4) he knew she is suffering


Answer: both a and c

Q16.what did Mrs Pumphrey bring at first?

(1) four dozen fresh eggs
(2) two dozen fresh eggs
(3) both a and c
(4) wine


Answer: four dozen fresh eggs

Q17.What does the narrator refer to Tricki as, in the group of other dogs?

(1) shaggy little object
(2) silky little object
(3) none of the above
(4) he didn’t say anything


Answer: silky little object

Q18.what is the meaning of the word jostling?

(1) struggling
(2) running
(3) none of the above
(4) walking


Answer: struggling

Q19.Who was Joe?

(1) pug
(2) nurse
(3) cat
(4) greyhound


Answer: greyhound

Q20.Why did the other dogs ignore Tricki?

(1) he was ill
(2) he was an uninteresting object
(3) all of the above
(4) he was furious


Answer: all of the above

Q21.How was Tricki acting?

(1) didn’t go for walks
(2) refusing to eat his favourite food
(3) all of the above
(4) vomiting


Answer: all of the above

Q22.Was the narrator waiting for a call from Mrs Pumphrey?

(1) yes
(2) no
(3) maybe not
(4) maybe


Answer: yes

Q23.What was the dog unable to play?

(1) walk
(2) ring-throw
(3) all of the above
(4) hide and seek


Answer: ring-throw

Q24.Did Mrs Pumphrey cut down on sweets as was advised?

(1) no
(2) yes
(3) she was not advised anything like that
(4) only for a while


Answer: only for a while

Q25.What is the name of the veterinary surgeon?

(1) Mrs. Pumphrey
(2) Tricki
(3) Mr. Herriot
(4) Hodgkin


Answer: Hodgkin

Q26.Who is the author of the story A Triumph of Surgery?

(1) Ruskin Bond
(2) James Herriot
(3) Victor Canning
(4) Robert Arthur


Answer: James Herriot

Q27.The thief boy was grateful to Anil for

(1) giving him money
(2) giving him a job
(3) talking with him
(4) watching wrestling match with him


Answer: giving him a job

Q28.What did Anil do with the money when he received a cheque?

(1) bought household things
(2) deposited it in his account
(3) paid salary to the boy
(4) went out to celebrate


Answer: went out to celebrate

Q29.What did Had Singh want from Anil?

(1) shelter
(2) help
(3) work
(4) money


Answer: work

Q30.What did the boy ask Anil?

(1) to employ him
(2) to give him some money
(3) to tell him the way
(4) to give him a lift


Answer: to employ him

Q31.What was Anil doing when the thief boy met him?

(1) watching a match
(2) writing an article
(3) go ing on the road
(4) playing cricket


Answer: watching a match

Q32.Who is the narrator of the story The Thiers Story?

(1) Anil
(2) Hari Singh
(3) none of these
(4) Ruskin Bond


Answer: Hari Singh

Q33.How old was the thief boy?

(1) 15 years
(2) 10 years
(3) 14 years
(4) 16 years


Answer: 15 years

Q34.At the beginning of the story the thief met with a fellow named –

(1) Ali
(2) Anil
(3) Amal
(4) Amit


Answer: Anil.

Q35.At that time the thief was —– years old.



Answer: 15.

Q36.Anil was —— years old when the thief met him.



Answer: 25.

Q37.Anil was a ——–.

(1) Footballer
(2) Wrestler
(3) Chess player
(4) Cricketer


Answer: Wrestler.

Q38.The house of Anil was over the –

(1) Bhajram sweet shop
(2) Jamuna sweet shop
(3) Sharma Motors
(4) Jamuna Textile


Answer: Jamuna sweet shop.

Q39.Anil instructed the thief to sleep on the –

(1) Balcony
(2) Study
(3) Drawing room
(4) Dinning room


Answer: Balcony.

Q40.The thief used to take —— from the money everyday which was given by Anil for grocery shopping.

(1) 50 RS
(2) 10 RS
(3) RS 1
(4) 5 RS


Answer: RS 1.

Q41.Anil put the money –

(1) Inside the locker
(2) Inside the cup boar
(3) Inside the drawer
(4) Under the mattress


Answer: Under the mattress.

Q42.There was a little lit of light over Anils bed because of –

(1) Road light
(2) Bedside lamp
(3) Moonlight
(4) Tube light


Answer: Moonlight.

Q43.Hari planned to leave the city by —— after stealing the money from Anil.

(1) 1’O clock
(2) 10:30 p.m.
(3) 1 p.m.
(4) 12:30 p.m.


Answer: 10:30 p.m.

Q44.Hari planned to catch —– while escaping.

(1) Delhi mail
(2) Dhanbad mail
(3) Satabdi Express
(4) Lucknow Express


Answer: Lucknow Express.

Q45.Hari got successful to steal worth RS –



Answer: 600.

Q46.Hari kept all the stolen notes in his –

(1) Pocket
(2) Hand bag
(3) Hand
(4) Pyjama


Answer: Pyjama.

Q47.It was the time of —— when the incident happened.

(1) January
(2) Mid December
(3) Mid November
(4) Early February


Answer: Mid November.

Q48.At the incident night Hari took shelter –

(1) In the tea shop
(2) Under the clock tower
(3) In the barandah of the house
(4) At the church


Answer: Under the clock tower.

Q49.It was —— by the clock tower.

(1) 1 O’ clock
(2) 11:30 p.m.
(3) 12 O’ clock
(4) 12:30 a.m.


Answer: 12 O’ clock.

Q50.Anil gave RS —— to Hari from the stolen money.



Answer: 50.

Q51.Hari was actually supposed to loss —— by stealing money.

(1) Money
(2) Knowledge of stealing
(3) House
(4) Trust


Answer: Trust.

Q52.Hari got ——– after returning.

(1) Permanent Job
(2) Trust
(3) Friend
(4) House


Answer: Permanent Job.

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