Chapter 12 | Percentage | Class-5 DAV Primary Mathematics

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Chapter 12 Worksheet 5 | Percentage | Class-5 DAV Primary Mathematics

Unit 12 Worksheet 5 || Percentage

1. Solve the following questions.

(a) Rohan gets 38 out of 50 in his monthly test of Mathematics. Express his marks in percentage.

(b) In a class of 45 students, 60% are boys. Find the number of boys in the class.

(c) In an orchard of 400 trees, 35% are mango trees, 42% are apple trees and the rest were grape vines. How many grape vines are there?

(d) Mr Mahesh earns Rs. 2,700 per month. He spends 333% on food. Find the amount spent on food.

(e) Anil got 440 marks out of 800 and Gopi got 486 marks out of 900 in an examination. Who scored better?

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