Number system worksheets for students in grade 1 are important because they help students to develop a strong foundation in math concepts and skills. These worksheets can help students to learn basic arithmetic skills such as counting, addition, and subtraction, as well as more advanced concepts such as place value and mental math.

Number system worksheets can also help students to develop problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills, as they must apply their math knowledge to solve problems and complete tasks. These skills are not only important for math class, but also for other subjects and in daily life.

In addition, number system worksheets can help students to develop confidence in their math abilities, as they practice and master new concepts and skills. As students progress through the grade levels, they will build upon the math concepts and skills they have learned in earlier grades, so it is important for them to have a strong foundation in these concepts from the start.

Download Class 1 Number System Worksheet

1.Fill in the Box  using <, = or >

Class 1 Number System Worksheet - 1

Comparing Number Worksheet Download

Class 1 Number System Worksheet - 1

Download Number System worksheet 1 from the mentioned link.

Number System- Worksheet-1 With Answers Download

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Number System Worksheet - 2

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