Class 5 Money Worksheet 1

DIRECTIONS: Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct word from the brackets.

1. The money paid by a shopkeeper to buy an article is called the _____________. (cost price/selling price) of the article.

2. The money (paid/received) by a shopkeeper on selling an article is called the selling price of the article. 3. The extra money that the bank gives you is called the (interest/rate of interest).

4. Sometimes, apart from paying the cost of an article, a shopkeeper has to spend money on transportation, labour, maintainence etc. Such expenses are known as ___ (superhead expenses/ overhead expenses).

5. When cost price is greater than selling price, then there is a ___ (gain/loss).

7. The money deposited or borrowed is called the ______ (Amount/Principal).

8. Simple interest depends on time, rate of interest and ___ (principal/amount).

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