Class 5 Time Worksheet 2

1.The third month of the year is ___________

2.Number of Months starting with letter ‘J’ is_____________

3. The month that comes just before November is ___________.

4. The month that comes before July and after May is ___________.

5. The month which uses maximum number of letters in its spelling is ___________.

6. You saw the Republic Day parade 3 months back. The month going on is ________.

7. The number of months with 30 days is equal to ___________.

8. Your summer vacations started on 1st May and your school will reopen after 45 days. Your school will reopen in the month of ___________.

9. If we divide the months of the year into 4 equal parts (quarter). The second quarter will have the months ____, ____, & ____.

10. This month has 30 days. It occurs in the last quarter of the year. The month is _____.

11. You receive your favourite magazine (a bimonthly magazine) every alternate month. You received the 1st copy in January, when will you get the 4th copy? ________.

12. If you divide the 12 months into 6 equal parts. The second month of the 5th part is________

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