DAV Class–5 SST Solutions Chapter-1 Importance of Family

DAV class 5 SST chapter 1 Solutions: Are you looking for DAV Books Solutions then you are in right place, we have discussed the complete solution of SST Chapter 1. DAV class 5 SST chapter 1 question answer is given below.

DAV Class-5 SST Chapter 1 Question and Answer

Something To Know

A. Tick the correct option.

1. A type of family that includes only parents and their children is a—

Ans. (b) Nuclear family

2. To develop close bonds among family members we must share—

Ans. (a) Love and Affection

3. To motivate the younger members to excel, the family should—

Ans. (c) Both of them.

4. The most important group of human beings is—

Ans. (a) Family

5. The first learning place for a child is—

Ans. (b) Family

Ans. 1. (b); 2. (a); 3. (c); 4. (a); 5. (b);

B. Fill in the Blanks

—Help Box— support, share, activities, traditions, love, care

1 . Family support helps the sufferer to overcome difficulties.

2. All family members must participate in the family activities.

3. The love and care for one another is the real strength of a family.

4. Every member of the family must share different responsibilities.

5. Each family follows certain customs and traditions.

C. State Whether True or False

I. Interaction develops strong bonds in a family.Ans. 1. True
2. The children cannot help the elder.2. False
3. Each family follows the same customs.3. False
4. Care and appreciation are real strengths of a family.4. True
5. Every person has a talent. 5. True

D. Answer Briefly

1. List two qualities that you admire in your mother/father.

Ans. (i) The amazing patience that my mother shows during tough times.

(ii) Simplicity that she exhibits all the time.

2. List the qualities that make your mother/father the most special in the world.

Ans 2. The qualities that make my father the most special in the world are—

(i) His cool temperament.

(ii) His farsightedness.

(iii) His caring attitude.

(iv) His sense of responsibility.

3. Why does praise by family members make you happy?

Ans 3. Everyone wants to be praised/ appreciated for the work (good) he/ she does. I am not an exception. I too become happy whenever I am praised by my family members.

4. You have a family member who always criticizes you. How is that person related to you? Give one reason for his/her criticism.

Ans 4. It is my younger sister. She is a pampered child and wants me to do all her work, such as arranging her school bag, making her bed, etc. Obviously, I can’t do her work all the time. That’s why she criticizes me.

5. Describe your reactions when your mother/father checks you for your behaviour.

Ans 5. I never react sharply because I have full belief in my parents. They check me for my behaviour only when I am really wrong. Therefore, I assure them that I won’t repeat it any further.

E. Answer the following Questions

1. What is the importance of a family?

Ans 1. (i) A family plays an important role in our life. It provides us support and care and gives us opportunities to learn about being good human beings.

(ii) It inculcates several human values like kindness, sympathy, etc. within us.

(iii) It shapes our personality by nurturing hidden talents in its members.

(iv) A family stands by us when we are facing some problem. It supports us to overcome difficulties.

(v) Each family has a person/persons who make the decisions for the welfare of all the members, settle differences of opinion and provide support, whenever it is needed.

2. “The family systems work like a chain.” Explain it with an example.

Ans 2. The elders help the child to grow up into a good human being. In turn the children provide support to elders in times of need. They also follow the family values and traditions. They exhibit mutual affection love and trust. They share responsibilities. These factors strengthen the relationships in a family.

3. What do you mean by “family traditions”? What is the importance of family traditions in your life?

Ans 3. Family traditions are activities or events that occur regularly and hold special meaning for that family. Family traditions have great meaning in my life. I value them because they teach me all those qualities that I need to become a good human being. They teach me values like respect for elders, caring and sharing, helping others, and passing the family heritage to future generations.

4. What steps can the family members take to build strong bonds?

Ans 4. The following steps can be taken by the family members to build strong bonds:

(i) The family members should tell the children about their great personalities, their deeds, and the messages they are learned from their lives.

(ii) They should share interesting experiences, incidents, or their views or talk about the current affairs with their children. These conversations and discussions build strong bonds among family members.

(iii) They should admire the good qualities of each other and show affection. A hug, a kiss, a handshake, or an arm around the shoulder can play a big role in establishing a strong bond between one another.

(iv) They should express love and gratitude from time to time. These expressions do miracles in building strong bonds among family members.

5. Why is it important to have good communication with your parents?

Ans 5. It is very important to have good communication with our parents.

(i) Good communication lessens the distance between parents and their children.

(ii) It emboldens children to talk openly on contemporary situations and problems.

(iii) Good communication builds up confidence in young children as they can express their opinion on certain issues and also suggest their solutions.

(iv) Interaction gives children opportunities to remain in close contact with their parents, develop harmony and understanding.

(v) In tough times both parents and children do not feel alone. They stand by one another’s side in difficulties.

Value-Based Question

Parents have many responsibilities towards their children. List five responsibilities that children have towards their family. Are your responsibilities dependent on scoldings and frequent reminders? Explain with two examples?

Ans. Children too have some responsibilities towards their family: (1) They should extend help to their parents in discharging daily household chores. (ii) They should help in maintaining a peaceful and happy atmosphere in the family by observing discipline and punctuality in their life. (iii) They should look after their mother/ father if he/she falls sick. (iv) They should not become a cause of tension in the family. (v) They should be supportive to their parents especially in tough times.

Something To Do

1. Why is it important to share responsibilities at home? How do you share responsibility for household chores?

Ans. In each family, the members have their own likes and dislikes. It may be a special dish, colour, dress, music or television channel. The members also have preferences as far household chores are concerned. They may or may not like washing clothes, buying groceries, paying bills or watering plants. But all household chores are necessary. So, it is important to share responsibility. My younger brother does not like arranging our study room. So, I do this work. I very often help my mother in kitchen. I also help my father in his work.

2. Who is your role model? Mention the qualities which you admire in him/her and would like to imbibe.

Ans. Both of my parents are my role models. The qualities which I admire in them and would like to imbibe include tolerance, forbearance, compassion, simplicity, perseverance, honesty, humility and kindness.

3. Write one value each that you would like to imbibe from your—Grandfather Grandmother Father Mother Uncle (maternal) Uncle (paternal) Aunt (maternal) Aunt (paternal)

Ans. Grandfather — Farsightedness Grandmother — Her simplicity. Father — His punctuality. Mother — Her devotion to work. Uncle (Maternal) — His charity. Aunt (Maternal) — His humility. Aunt (Paternal) — Her love for children in general.

4.The goal of spending quality family time is to love, understand and have wonderful relationships with family members. Mention three activities that your family engages in making ‘family time’ memorable and enjoyable.

Ans. (a) Sport—Street cricket, badminton, football, cycling, etc. (b) We play indoor games like ludo, carrom board. (c) My father sometimes shares with us interesting events of the past in a very interesting way. (co The birthday parties of each and every family member are always enjoyable.

5. You like to eat bhel-purl but your friend wants to eat burgers all the time. How will you and your parents decide what to cook for him when he comes to your home? Keep in mind — ‘Junk food is unhealthy’.

Ans. Both bhel-puri and burger are junk foods and therefore not healthy. So, we will decide to cook some healthy foods like bread and butter, dahi-bhalle, kheer, etc.

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