DAV Class–5 SST Solutions Chapter-2 Human Migration

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DAV Class-5 SST Chapter 2 Human Migration Question and Answer

Something To Know

A. Tick the correct option.

1. What is regular movement of people from one place to another known as?

Ans. (a) Migration.

2. People were unable to travel abroad in olden times due to—

Ans. (c) Lack of transportation

3. What is migration due to natural disasters known as?

Ans. (a) Forced migration

4. Growing crops on a new piece of land once the fertility gets exhausted is—

Ans. (b) shifting agriculture

Ans. 1. (a); 2. (c); 3. (a); 4. (b).

B. Fill in the Blanks

—Help Box—voluntary, chain, limited, mankind, Kashmir

1. Mankind and migration have been linked to each other since ancient times.

2. Voluntary migration is when people move to another place on their own wish.

3. In September, 2014 Kashmir valley saw devastating floods.

4. Migration is like a chain.

5. In earlier times migration was carried out within a limited area.

C. State Whether True or False

QuestionsAnswer (True/False)
1. The settled life began only when the man became a food producer.True
2. People were scared to travel to faraway places in olden times.True
3. The labourers move to cities for jobs and better wages.True
4. Migraits brings happiness to many people.True
5. Migrants are never happy.False

D. Answer Briefly

1. What do you mean by the term ‘migration’?

Ans 1. Migration means the systematic or regular movement of people from one place to another. Migration may occur within the country as well as outside the county.

2. What is shifting agriculture?

Ans 2. When man became a food producer, he started growing crops on a piece of land till the soil was fertile. Then he moved to a new patch of land. This type of practice of growing crops was known as shifting agriculture.

3. Name the two types of forced migration.

Ans 3. (i) Migration caused due to a natural disaster like flood, earthquake, etc.

(ii) Migration caused due to man-made disasters like fire, drought, etc.

4. Name the river which caused floods in Kashmir in the year 2014?

Ans 4. River Jhelum caused floods in Kashmir in the year 2014.

5. Name two things that changed the orthodox thinking of people?

Ans 5. (i) Education, logical thinking and contact with other countries. (ii) British influence.

E. Answer the following Questions

1. Briefly highlight the three types of migration.

Ans 1. The three types of migration are — voluntary, seasonal and forced.

(i) Voluntary Migration: This type of migration occurs when people move to another place on their own wish or choice. It may be for a better job, educational opportunities or to be close to their family or friends in another village, town, city, state or country.

(ii) Seasonal Migration: This type of migration takes place when people move to another place during the sowing and harvesting season.

(iii) Forced Migration: This migration takes place when people are compelled to settle in new places due to natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, etc. and man-made disasters like fire, drought, etc.

2. List three hardships that the migrants face.

Ans 2. The migrants face several hardships, for example—

(i) They have to live without basic amenities like shelter, sanitation or safe drinking water.

(ii) The migrant women have to work hard.

(iii) The children of the migrants do not get an education and are forced to go astray.

(iv) Many migrants do not get any work and hence, they start begging to fill their stomachs.

3. ‘Migration brings happiness to many people.’ Explain with two examples.

Ans 3. Migration has its positive aspects too. It brings happiness to many people. They get opportunity to see new places, experience a climate that suits them, learn about new customs, traditions, cuisines, dresses, dances, music, etc. These things give them immense pleasure. They enjoy life in foreign lands.

4. Suppose you have to migrate to another city. List two preparations that you will make.

Ans 4. In such a situation many preparations are required to be made out of which two are given below:

(i) First of all we will have to make arrangements for the transportation of the household things.

(ii) Then we will find a suitable and affordable accommodation in the new place.

5. What facilities are needed by people in case of a disaster?

Ans 5. The life of people becomes pathetic whenever a disaster whether natural or man-made takes place. They become homeless in seconds and are forced to take shelter in relief camps. They need our support in such a situation. The facilities that they need are—

(i) Safety: The safe place to survive.

(ii) Basic Amenities: The basic amenities such as shelter, sanitation, food and water.

F. Solve the grid:

Circle 10 words related with the chapter—Human Migration and list them down. One is done for you.

DAV Class–5 SST Solutions Chapter-2 Human Migration

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