Just Be Up and Doing class- 5 DAV My English Reader Solutions

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DAV SOLUTIONS CLASS 5 Just Be Up and Doing

B.3.Complete the central idea of the poem by filling in only one word.

Ans- The poet agrees that one faces a lot of trouble and worries in life. There also are burdens which bend people double with their weight but in spite of all this one must keep on working and pursuing towards one’s goal.

He further says that everyone likes to remain idle and wait for the favourable time but one must always be ready to fight if need be.

The poet adds that no one will ever fail if he tries hard and also there is hardly anyone who can win by just sitting and waiting for good luck to come. One can only crave a path of success if one is up and doing hard.

B.4 Match the phrases given in column A with their meaning in column B.


        Column-A                 Column-B

     i.          Heaps of cares        –   lots of worries (e)

   ii.          Keep pursuing        –   to keep doing (c)

 iii.          See it through         –   not give up a task until finished (d)

 iv.          Like to idle             –   to live to be carefree and happy (a)

   v.          Hewing                  –  carving out, making (b)

 vi.          Your sitting, sighing- only talking and blaming (f)

B.7. Now write a letter to your friend encouraging her to be calm and cool and also give her some tips to tackle the problems at home.

Ans-New Colony


13th July 2020

My Dear Surbhi

I have gone through your letter and came to know that nowadays, you are facing a lot of problems because of your mother’s illness. You are a brave girl and these problems are temporary and will be sorted out soon.

However, you are trying your best to cope with the situation but I think your mother will get proper care in a hospital. So you should admit her for better care and treatment.

You say that you don’t get time to study. For this, I would advise you to keep extra domestic help and go for better time management. You can also encourage your family members to perform their works to themselves. You can also drop some unnecessary works until your mother gets well.

I hope that the above tips will certainly help you to deal with the problems at your home and you will get some time to study now.

Your friend


C.2. Given below are descriptions of some people who in spite of their physical limitations made it big in the world. Choose the name of the famous personality from the box and write it against their description.

     i.          Stephen Hawking    ii.          Ludwig Van Beethoven  iii.          Franklin D. Roosevelt 
 iv.          Sudha Chandran    v.          Louise Braille  vi.          Wasim Akram 


1. A scientist who can’t speak and is restricted to the wheelchair but has given amazing theories to the world.

 Ans- Stephen Hawking

2. A German music composer who was born deaf but created beautiful compositions.

Ans- Ludwig Van Beethoven

3. The US president who suffered from polio.

Ans- Franklin D. Roosevelt

4. A classical dancer who lost her leg in a car accident but continued dancing with an artificial leg.

Ans- Sudha Chandran

5. A blind genius who developed the Braille for visually challenged people to enable them to read.

Ans- Louise Braille

6. A dynamic cricketer who suffers from diabetes but never let it affect his performance.

Ans- Wasim Akram

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