Preposition worksheet for class 3

In this website, we have shared prepositions worksheets for class 3 this will help students in improving their understanding.

Class 3 Prepositions Worksheet

1. Underline the prepositions in the following sentences.

SentencesWrite Preposition
(a) The little boy hid behind his mother.Eg. Behind
(b) The people gathered in the stadium.
(C) Humpty dumpty sat on a wall.
(D) Don’t stand near the electric pole.
(e) The books were arranged on the shelf.
(f) The books were arranged in the book rack.
(g) Distribute the chocolates among the students.
h) Distribute the chocolates between the two brothers.
i) The princess was locked inside the castle.
j) July comes after June.
k) The birds flew over the field.
l) Rohit is sitting beside his father.
m) The river water is flowing above the danger mark.
n) The river water is flowing below the danger mark.
o) The shooter aimed at the target.

Class 3 Prepositions Worksheet 2 Questions & Answers

1. Observe the picture and tick the correct option in the following sentences.

Preposition worksheet for class 3

a) The ball is under/below the table.

b) The basket is in/on the table.

c) The apples are into/in the basket.

d) The wall clock is between/among the calendar and the painting.

e) The painting is hanging near/on the window.

f) There is a computer at/in the corner of the room.

g) There is a penstand on/in the table beside/behind the computer.

h) There is a shoerack behind/below the curtain.

2.Look at the picture carefully and fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions.

Preposition worksheet for class 3

a) Kitten 1 is sitting inside the drawer.

b) Kitten 2 is sitting on the carpet.

(c) Kitten 3 is sleeping under the bed.

(d) Kitten 4 is jumping over the cushion.

(e) Kitten 5 is sitting near the table.

(f) Kitten 6 is running after a mouse.

(g) Kitten 7 is running around the bottle of milk.

(h) Kitten 8 sitting in front of the television.

(i) Kitten 9 is looking at the cookie jar.

(j) Kitten 10 is jumping out of the box.

3.The following sentences have been taken from A.2 ‘Nina is the Winner’ (Unit-Regard for Values) of My English Reader. Underline all the prepositions.

(a) Nina was running ahead of all the participants and just behind her was Medha.

(b) The chief guest called Nina to the stage.

(c) The girl behind Medha crossed the finishing point.

(d) The spectators sat on chairs around the racing track.

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