The Hack Driver | Class 10 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 8

All important MCQs are provided for subject English chapter The Hack Driver for class 10. Students are requested to practice all MCQ which will be helpful in their exam preparation. MCQs provided are as per the latest pattern announced by CBSE.

Q1.According to Bill, Oliver owed him fifty cents for a game of

(1) chess
(2) poker
(3) horse race
(4) all of them


Answer: poker

Q2.Where did they go after visiting Swedes shop?

(1) Gray’s barber shop
(2) Gustaff’s barber shop
(3) poolroom
(4) his mother’s farm


Answer: Gray’s barber shop

Q3.Why was the narrator ordered back to New Mullion once again?

(1) to arrest Lutkins
(2) to serve the summons on him
(3) to live permanently in New Mullion
(4) all of the above


Answer: to serve the summons on him

Q4.What was Bills other name?

(1) Magnuson
(2) Magie
(3) Maddie
(4) Magpie


Answer: Magnuson

Q5.What did Olivers mother have in her hand while she ran after them?

(1) a pistol
(2) a knife
(3) an iron rod
(4) None of the above


Answer: an iron rod

Q6.What was the only pleasant sight?

(1) delivery man
(2) the weather
(3) raw shops
(4) None of the above


Answer: delivery man

Q7.What job did he get after doing his graduation?

(1) partner in a law firm
(2) lawyer
(3) senior associate
(4) junior assistant clerk


Answer: junior assistant clerk

Q8.How many times did he have to visit New Mullions?



Answer: 2

Q9.How did he travel to New Mullions?

(1) Car
(2) Train
(3) Rickshaw
(4) Bus


Answer: Train

Q10.Who gave himself a false name Bill?

(1) the narrator
(2) Oliver Lutkins
(3) Fritz
(4) Gustaff


Answer: Oliver Lutkins

Q11.What vehicle did Bill have?

(1) Autorickshaw
(2) cab
(3) hack
(4) cart


Answer: hack

Q12.Name the barber in the story

(1) Garry
(2) Mustafa
(3) Gustaff
(4) Guard


Answer: Gustaff

Q13.How was Bills appearance

(1) red faced
(2) cheerful
(3) thick in the middle
(4) all of them


Answer: all of them

Q14.In which direction was Olivers mothers farm?

(1) south
(2) east
(3) north
(4) west


Answer: north

Q15.Who accompanied him on his trip to New Mullions the second time?

(1) his boss
(2) his friend
(3) his sister
(4) a man familiar with Oliver Lutkins


Answer: a man familiar with Oliver Lutkins

Q16.Who was Lutkins?

(1) Fritz
(2) Swede
(3) Gray
(4) Bill


Answer: Bill

Q17.Did he find Lutkins on his first visit?

(1) yes
(2) no
(3) maybe
(4) None of the above


Answer: no

Q18.Where did the go after lunch?

(1) Gray’s barber shop
(2) Gustaff’s barber shop
(3) poolroom
(4) Oliver’s mother’s farm


Answer: Oliver’s mother’s farm

Q19.What is the meaning of the word enormous?

(1) huge
(2) vast
(3) broad
(4) all of the above


Answer: all of the above

Q20.Where did Fritz send them?

(1) Gray’s barber shop
(2) Gustaff’s barber shop
(3) poolroom
(4) no where


Answer: Gustaff’s barber shop

Q21.What was the mans first guess on his purpose to find Lutkins?

(1) to get money back
(2) to present him a summon
(3) to arrest him
(4) None of the above


Answer: to get money back

Q22.How did he expect New Mullions to be?

(1) sweet and simple
(2) muddy streets
(3) raw shops
(4) None of the above


Answer: sweet and simple

Q23.How far was New Mullions from his place of employment?

(1) 40kms
(2) 45kms
(3) 42kms
(4) 48kms


Answer: 40kms

Q24.What was he supposed to do?

(1) fight cases
(2) present legal briefs
(3) serve summons
(4) all of the above


Answer: serve summons

Q25.Who is the author of the story The Hack Driver?

(1) HG Wells
(2) Robert W. Peterson
(3) Guy De Maupassant
(4) Sinclair Lewis


Answer: Sinclair Lewis

Q26.What was Gustaff?

(1) a barber
(2) a butcher
(3) a hack driver
(4) a carpenter


Answer: a barber

Q27.Who was sent with the narrator on his second visit to New Mullion?

(1) a relative of Lutkins
(2) an experienced lawyer
(3) a man who had worked with Lutkins
(4) none of the above


Answer: a man who had worked with Lutkins

Q28.Did the narrator find Oliver during his first visit to New Mullion?

(1) yes
(2) no
(3) maybe
(4) not known


Answer: no

Q29.Where did the narrator and the hack driver enjoy their lunch?

(1) in a big restaurant
(2) at Oliver’s house
(3) at Fritz’s house
(4) on Wade’s Hill


Answer: on Wade’s Hill

Q30.Where did the hack driver take the narrator first of all?

(1) Fritz’s shop
(2) Gustaff’s shop
(3) Gray’s shop
(4) Oliver’s mother’s farmhouse


Answer: Fritz’s shop

Q31.Who offered the narrator to help in locating Oliver Lutkins?

(1) Gustaff
(2) Fritz
(3) Oliver’s mother
(4) The Hack Driver


Answer: The Hack Driver

Q32.What was the only agreeable sight when the narrator reaches New Mullion station?

(1) streets
(2) shops
(3) the delivery man
(4) all of the above


Answer: the delivery man

Q33.New Mullion was at a distance of kilometres from the place where the narrator was employed.

(1) ten
(2) twenty
(3) thirty
(4) forty


Answer: forty

Q34.Where was the narrator sent one day?

(1) New Mullion
(2)’ Old Mullion
(3) Red Mullion
(4) Hill Mullion


Answer: New Mullion

Q35.After graduation the narrator became a in a magnificent low farm –

(1) Junior assistant clerk
(2) Senior assistant clerk
(3) Junior advocate
(4) Senior accounts officer


Answer: Junior assistant clerk.

Q36.The duty of the narrator was to ——.

(1) Do official paper work
(2) Take out the real victims
(3) Serve summons
(4) Look after the account


Answer: Serve summons.

Q37.One day the narrator was ordered to visit a village named –

(1) New Oliver
(2) New Mullion
(3) Misipi
(4) Old mullion


Answer: New Mullion.

Q38.New Mullion was —— miles away from a place where he lived.

(1) 80 km
(2) 50 miles
(3) 40 miles
(4) 100 miles


Answer: 40 miles.

Q39.The narrator was ordered to serve a notice to a man, called –

(1) Milan Lutkins
(2) Oliver twis
(3) Samson Williams
(4) Oliver Lutkins


Answer: Oliver Lutkins.

Q40.The age of the delivery man was about –

(1) 20 Years
(2) 40 Years
(3) 30 Years
(4) 50 Years


Answer: 40 Years.

Q41.Poker is a game, plays with –

(1) Cards
(2) Marbles
(3) Ball
(4) Chess


Answer: Cards.

Q42.Oliver could be found at —– shop, according to the delivery boy.

(1) Vegetable
(2) Fritz
(3) Sweet
(4) Meat


Answer: Fritz.

Q43.The delivery man had a —– with him.

(1) Horse cart
(2) Cow cart
(3) Car
(4) Bicycle


Answer: Horse Cart.

Q44.The narrator was ready to give the delivery man —– per hour for helping him to find Lutkins.

(1) Two dollars
(2) One dollar
(3) Two pound
(4) One pound


Answer: Two dollars.

Q45.William Magnusson fancy carting and hacking was related to –

(1) Lutkins
(2) The narrator
(3) Magnusson
(4) The judge


Answer: Magnusson.

Q46.The name of the hack driver was –

(1) Bill
(2) Lutkins
(3) Hudson
(4) Fritz


Answer: Bill.

Q47.The name of the barber was –

(1) Bill
(2) Lutkins
(3) Gustaff
(4) Fritz


Answer: Gustaff.

Q48.Lutkins had not paid — to the barber.

(1) 50 Dollars
(2) 35 Dollars
(3) 15 Dollars
(4) 40 Dollars


Answer: 35 Dollars.

Q49.Gray was a –

(1) Sweet seller
(2) Hacker
(3) Barber
(4) Driver


Answer: Barber.

Q50.Bill suggested the clerk to buy lunch = from –

(1) A sweet shop
(2) A restaurant
(3) His friend
(4) His wife


Answer: His wife.

Q51.Bills wife will take only —— for the food.

(1) 2 Dollars
(2) Half a dollar
(3) 1 Dollar
(4) 5 Dollar


Answer: Half a dollar.

Q52.Bill offered to go to —– enjoy their lunch with a nice view.

(1) Wade’s Hill
(2) Cliptom Hill
(3) Zurich Hill
(4) Wekies Hill


Answer: Wede’s Hill.

Q53.—— sang the loudest in church when she was must in debt.

(1) Lawyer’s wife
(2) Clerk’s wife
(3) Minister wife
(4) Bill’s wife


Answer: Minister wife.

Q54.Lutkins mother lived in —– miles away from new Mullion.



Answer: 3.

Q55.Bill went to Lutkins house to deliver –

(1) A trunk
(2) Papers
(3) Sweet
(4) A percel


Answer: A trunk.

Q56.Lutkin was none other than –

(1) Bill himself
(2) Gray himself
(3) Gustaff himself
(4) Fritz himself


Answer: Bill himself.

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