The Necklace | Class 10 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 7

All MCQs are provided for the chapter The Necklace for class 10. Students are requested to practice all MCQ which will be helpful in their exam preparation. MCQs provided are as per the latest pattern announced by CBSE.

Q1.What do you mean by the word dismay?

(1) shock
(2) surprise
(3) concern
(4) all of these


Answer: all of these

Q2.Why did she throw away the letter?

(1) she had nothing to weak
(2) she had no jewellery to carry
(3) she had no bag to carry
(4) both A and B


Answer: both and

Q3.Who did he receive an invitation from?

(1) the Minister of Public Instruction
(2) the Minister of Public Health
(3) the Minister of Public Safety
(4) the Minister of Public Education


Answer: the Minister of Public Instruction

Q4.What was he planning to do with the money he had saved?

(1) buy her a dress
(2) buy a gun for himself
(3) invest somewhere
(4) all of these


Answer: buy a gun for himself

Q5.Did he agree to give her that money?

(1) yes
(2) no
(3) maybe
(4) none of the above


Answer: yes

Q6.When would she weep for whole days?

(1) after dinner
(2) after lunch
(3) after visiting her friend
(4) any time


Answer: after visiting her friend

Q7.What tortured and angered her?

(1) shabby walls
(2) worn chairs
(3) poverty
(4) all of these


Answer: all of these

Q8.How did they pay for the new jewels?

(1) using the money gave by his father
(2) borrowing
(3) her money
(4) both (i) and (ii)


Answer: both and

Q9.What did they do to buy themselves time?

(1) stopped answering the friend’s calls
(2) wrote to her that the jewel needs repair
(3) distracted her from the necklace
(4) none of the above


Answer: wrote to her that the jewel needs repair

Q10.She always remained .

(1) happy
(2) unhappy
(3) fulfilled
(4) grateful


Answer: unhappy

Q11.How long did the struggle continue for?

(1) 6 months
(2) 1 year
(3) 2 years
(4) 10 years


Answer: 10 years

Q12.Did her friend recognise her years later?

(1) yes
(2) no
(3) they did not bump into each other
(4) none of the above


Answer: no

Q13.Who is the author of the story The Necklace?

(1) HG Wells
(2) Robert W. Peterson
(3) Guy De Maupassant
(4) None of the above


Answer: Guy De Maupassant

Q14.What did her friend say when she was told the entire story?

(1) she was angry
(2) she hated her for that
(3) she cursed her
(4) she told that hers were false


Answer: she told that hers were false

Q15.For what had Loisel saved four hundred francs?

(1) to buy a gun
(2) to buy a T.V.
(3) to buy a shirt
(4) to buy a bicycle


Answer: to buy a gun

Q16.What all did they do to repay?

(1) sent away the maid
(2) change their lodgings
(3) husband working the evenings and nights too
(4) all of these


Answer: all of these

Q17.From where did Mrs Loisel borrow the necklace?

(1) Mme Hillary
(2) Mme Forestier
(3) Mme Many
(4) Mme Anne


Answer: Mme Forestier

Q18.What did Mrs Loisel borrow from Mme Forestier?

(1) a bracelet
(2) a necklace
(3) a Venetian Cross
(4) all of the above


Answer: a necklace

Q19.How did she look on the day of the ball?

(1) elegant
(2) gracious
(3) full of joy
(4) all of these


Answer: all of these

Q20.When did Mr and Mrs Loisel return home from the ball?

(1) at 2 a.m.
(2) at 3 a.m.
(3) at 4 a.m.
(4) at 5 a.m.


Answer: at 4 a.m.

Q21.How much Loisels had to spend to replace the necklace?

(1) eighteen thousand francs
(2) thirty-six thousand francs
(3) forty thousand francs
(4) fifty thousand francs


Answer: thirty-six thousand francs

Q22.What seemed as the next problem to her?

(1) not finding a dress good enough
(2) having no jewels
(3) there was no problem
(4) none of the above


Answer: having no jewels

Q23.What change came in the life of Loisels after raising a big loan?

(1) they sent away the maid
(2) they changed their lodgings
(3) they rented some rooms in an attic
(4) all of the above


Answer: all of the above

Q24.The husband of the lady worked as a clerk in the –

(1) Board of education
(2) Electricity board
(3) Bank
(4) Post Office


Answer: Board of education.

Q25.The lady always grumbled on her –

(1) Fate
(2) Lack of knowledge
(3) Poverty
(4) Job


Answer: Poverty.

Q26.M . Loisel brought an invitation from —— for dinner –

(1) A close friend
(2) The minister of public instruction
(3) The minister education
(4) The minister of health


Answer: The minister of public instruction.

Q27.Both husband and wife got the invitation for the evening of –

(1) December 20
(2) March 15
(3) January 15
(4) January 18


Answer: January 18.

Q28.Mme Loisel threw the invitation card on the ——–.

(1) Table
(2) Floor
(3) Bed
(4) Sofa


Answer: Table.

Q29.Mme. Loisel did not want to attain the dinner party as she had lack of good –

(1) Dresses
(2) Shoes
(3) Jewelleries
(4) Bags


Answer: Dresses.

Q30.Mr. Loisel told Mme Loisel to wear the gown for the party which she regularly wore, when they went to the –

(1) Marriage party
(2) Market
(3) Theater
(4) For outing


Answer: Theater.

Q31.The name of the lady was –

(1) Matilda
(2) Miranda
(3) Maligna
(4) Marina


Answer: Matilda.

Q32.Mme. Loisel told M. Loisel that she could manage to buy a dress in ———.

(1) 500 pound
(2) 200 Euro
(3) 400 Frances
(4) RS. 1000


Answer: 400 Frances.

Q33.Loisel wanted to join —— in the next summer.

(1) A Trekking group
(2) Some hunting parties
(3) An educational group
(4) Some social work


Answer: Some hunting parties.

Q34.Loisel wanted to go for hunting a —— with his friends.

(1) Reindeer
(2) Tiger
(3) Leopard
(4) Lark


Answer: Lark.

Q35.Loisel suggested Matilda to borrow Jewellery for the dinner party from her friend Mme –

(1) Fedrich
(2) Forestier
(3) William
(4) Welson


Answer: Forestier.

Q36.Loisel got attracted with a diamond ——– fro Mme. Forestiers Jewellery box.

(1) Necklace
(2) Bracelets
(3) Earrings
(4) Nose pin


Answer: Necklace.

Q37.The couple left the party at –

(1) 4 P.M.
(2) 12 A.M
(3) 4 A.M.
(4) 12 P.M.


Answer: 4 A.M.

Q38.They were looking for a —– while returning from the party –

(1) Bus
(2) Carriage
(3) Cab
(4) Auto


Answer: Carriage.

Q39.Both the couple noticed that —– was missing after returning from the party.

(1) Diamond Necklace
(2) Money
(3) Diamond earrings
(4) Fur wrap


Answer: Diamond necklace.

Q40.Loisels father had given him —– before his death.

(1) 18000 Francs
(2) 20000 Francs
(3) 15000 Francs
(4) 10000 Francs


Answer: 18000 Francs.

Q41.The price for the new diamond necklace was –

(1) 36000 Euro
(2) 20000 Francs
(3) 36000 Francs
(4) 18000 Francs


Answer: 36000 Francs.

Q42.The couple paid their debt back within —– years.

(1) 20 Years
(2) 10 Years
(3) 5 Years
(4) 15 Years


Answer: 10 Years.

Q43.The first name of Mme Forestier was –

(1) Flysees
(2) Jinny
(3) Kelvin
(4) Jeanne


Answer: Jeanne.

Q44.In reality the necklace borrowed by Matilda from Mme Forestier was not a real diamond necklace and was not worth more than –

(1) 500 Frances
(2) 600 Frances
(3) 100 Frances
(4) 1000 Frances


Answer: 500 Frances.

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