DAV Class–5 SST Solutions Chapter-5 Community Services

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DAV Class-5 SST Chapter 5 Community Services Question and Answer

Something To Know

A. Tick the correct option:

1. Who constructed the sarais in olden times—

Ans. (a) Kings

2. What is the technique of collecting, storing and using rainwater known as?

Ans. (a) Water harvesting

3. Where are kunds commonly found?

Ans. (c) Gujarat

4. In our country, water is mainly supplied through—

Ans. (b) Pipelines

Ans. 1. (a); 2. (a); 3. (c); 4. (b).

B. Fill in the blanks:

—Help Box—rest, Kamatalca, history, rain, culture, Ashoka

1. Step wells harvest Rain water.

2. Community service has always been an important part of Indian history and culture

3. Ashoka, a great ruler, understood the importance of good roads for the progress of trade.

4. Sisandras were built in Karnataka.

5. A sarai is a rest house.

Ans. 1. Rain 2. history, culture 3. Ashoka 4. Karnataka 5. rest

C. State Whether True or False:

QuestionsAnswer (True/False)
1. Step wells are not common in Gujarat and Rajasthan.False
2. People are unaware about the benefits of tree plantation.False
3. Government and its agencies look after community service in modem times.True
4. Water pollution has become a major concern in all pans of India.True
5. Water harvesting is a modern technique.False

Ans. 1. False 2. False 3. True 4. True 5. False

D. Answer briefly:

1. What is community service?

Ans. The help or assistance provided for the benefit of the community is known as community service.

2. What type of community service can you volunteer for?

Ans. I can lend my hand for assisting elderly people. I can also take part in the beautification of my locality.

3. What is the importance of Van Mahotsava?

Ans. Van Mahotsava is a festival of tree planting. It is celebrated to create awareness among people about the importance of trees for life.

4. How do trees clean the atmosphere?

Ans. Trees clean the atmosphere by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen.

5. Name two qualities of community living.

Ans. (i) Organisation (ii) Tolerance

E. Answer the following questions:

1. How did community service play an important role in olden times?

Ans. (i) In olden times, people helped the poor with money, clothes, food, shelter or looked after the sick. (ii) Kings/emperors took great care of the common people. They built dharamashalas/sarais which provided resting places for the travellers. (iii) They dug wells at different places keeping in mind to quench the thirst of the common people. (iv) They arranged to plant trees on both sides of the road. The travellers got comfort in the shade of these trees.

2. Mention the steps that Ashoka took for the development of trade.

Ans. Ashoka was a great ruler. He took several steps for the development of trade—

(i) He built good roads.

(ii) He arranged to construct rest houses, dig wells and plant trees on the roadsides.

(iii) These facilities attracted travellers from far and wide. They played an important role in the flourishing trade in India.

3. What do you mean by water harvesting? What are its advantages?

Ans. Water harvesting is a technique of collecting, storing and using rainwater for irrigation, drinking and other purposes. Its advantages:

(i) The saved rainwater can be used in dry months.

(ii) We can solve the problem of water scarcity with this technique.

(iii) Rainwater is saved from getting drained and wasted.

4. List the changes that have improved the travelling in modem times.

Ans. (i) Travelling in modem times have improved significantly. Today, different means of transport are available for the convenience of the people.

(ii) Many guest houses, restaurants, night shelters, motels and hotels provide comfort and safety to the travellers.

(iii) We have better roads today. Bridges and flyovers ensure the smooth movement of vehicles.

(iv) The means of transport have become faster and more comfortable. They make travelling a pleasure.

5. Mention five benefits of planting trees.

Ans. Planting trees is very beneficial in the following ways—(i) The more we plant trees, the more the roots will absorb water and raise the underground water level.

(ii) By planting trees we will also save our wildlife—animals, birds and insects.

(iii) It will slow the speed of air pollution as we know trees clean the atmosphere by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen.

(iv) These will be balanced in nature.

(v) The earth on which we live will become greener and cleaner.

F. Find out 10 words related to the Chapter on Community Services from the grid. One is done for you.

Ans. Ten Words—

DAV Class–5 SST Solutions Chapter-5 Community Services

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